Food and Beverage to Prevent Hypothermia

Food and beverage to prevent hypothermia the rainy season makes Jakarta flood. In an atmosphere like this, our bodies are vulnerable to cold. Well, if we are too cold for too long, the most dangerous risk is hypothermia.

Quoted Healthline, Hypothermia occurs when the heat produced by the body is not as much heat loss. Well, flood conditions make us have to be more vigilant about hypothermia. Because too long wearing wet clothes and too long in the water can also be a cause of hypothermia.

There are some symptoms of hypothermia that you should be aware of. For example, when the skin begins to turn pale, numb, can not stop shivering, stiffness, to speech disorders. Symptoms need to be watched out for if you start to feel short of breath and your heart beats fast.

There is a lot of help that can be done when meeting with hypothermia. Change wet clothes and warm the body into two main ones. Then, if the person is conscious, it helps us provide warm drinks or food that can raise body temperature.

Before you get hypothermia, it’s a good idea to keep your body temperature. The following are six foods and drinks to prevent and treat hypothermia.


Quoted from Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions, bananas have a lot of B vitamins and magnesium that function so that our thyroid and adrenal glands function properly. This gland helps regulate body temperature.

Red meat

Red meat – like beef, lamb, and pork – is a good source of iron. Iron is an essential mineral to help carry oxygen throughout our bodies. Those affected by hypothermia need to increase iron so that their hands and feet warm up again.

Eating red meat can also supply vitamin B12, which contributes to healthy nerves and a strong immune system.


Reported by Tastemade, coffee can warm the body, but this has nothing to do with the warmth of the drink. Instead, you should drink iced coffee.

Caffeine in a glass of iced coffee is higher than it isn’t. This caffeine which stimulates metabolism; encourage the body to burn fuel. Instead of thinking about the temperature of the drink, you better drink coffee without sugar and cream.


Food for preventing hypothermia, which is also suitable for other post-cold, is ginger. This spice keeps our blood flowing and keeps us away from hypothermia.

Ginger also contains antioxidants that are effective in improving health and the immune system. Not only warms the body, but ginger is also believed to cure colds and flu symptoms


Nuts are rich in vitamin B-3, which can increase blood flow, and encourage metabolism. These two components ward off cold. Besides, nuts also contain healthy fats and are rich in protein. It could be a snack in cold weather due to erratic rain.

Coconut oil

Just like peanuts, coconut oil is rich in healthy fats, which can turn into fuel. This metabolism, driven by coconut oil, produces energy that makes you feel warm.

You should consume the six foods and drinks above during the rainy season and floods that hit. Use warm clothes to protect yourself from hypothermia.