November 29, 2021

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Comfortable Bedroom with an Open Plan Concept

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Comfortable bedroom with an open various innovations are carried out to provide comfort in the apartment. One of them related to interior design that does not have to rely on just one style. By using eclectic touch, you can give the best components in one style into a single whole. This is what Samitrayasa Design displayed in its design, DA Residence.

Not only black and white, but you can also find gray colors that come from the selection of some ornaments. This monochromatic impression certainly directly brings the mood of its inhabitants into a luxurious impact.

The furniture also looks modern with a sleek, simple style. The combination of smooth and shiny textures with the soft feel of fur and velvet presents an impression of luxury in itself.

Luxurious Wall Accents

Another specialty that you will also find in this apartment unit is the accent on the wall, which also looks luxurious. Although you will find an open area, in some parts, there is a gray granite accent that presents the impression of glamor. The combination with other colors such as white and black, makes it look contrasting and attractive.

Silver and Gold Ornaments

One key to bringing several styles together at home is how you can combine each of the components to stay connected with each other. In addition to the choice of monochromatic colors, you can find some ornaments made of gold and silver colored material.

Comfortable Bedroom with an Open Plan Concept

Most existing apartments are deliberately built with the concept of the open plan. The goal, of course, is to reduce excessive use of space because of barriers. Besides being applied to the family room and living room, a similar concept can also be found in your bedroom. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.