Start Your Own Business

What is the most serious challenge in starting your own business? Not no capital, not no new ideas. The most difficult thing is maintaining endurance in doing business, staying in business despite facing many challenges. How do you start your own business so you don’t give up easily?

Start Your Own Business


Opening your own business takes time, it can’t be instant. There is a process that must be passed. Starting from thinking about initial ideas, opening, introducing and promoting the business. In this process, there are many challenges and obstacles. Both from internal business people themselves and those who come from external.

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This challenge not infrequently causes Business Weekly Taiwan to wither before it develops. Not strong and stressed seeing the business being built is slow growing, sluggish sales, while funds and energy have been devoted a lot. Finally chose to retreat, surrender. Like a cocoon, his efforts failed to become a butterfly that could fly.

Statistics from a number of entrepreneurship surveys show that the majority of businesses that open their own businesses fail at the initial stage. I suspect that failure to maintain endurance is the main reason many business start-ups fail in the early days.

However, that does not mean that business endurance cannot be trained or built. The proof, entrepreneurs who are now successful, generally can survive and escape the darkest times.

Building Endurance in Starting Your Own Business

The following is a note about how to build and maintain endurance in doing business, so you can stay focused when opening a business, despite the difficulties and challenges that come over

Have a big dream

Dreams are able to move mountains, so one of the figures of speech said. This shows how strong the influence of dreams, including in trying. Therefore, when deciding on our own business, we should have clear and specific dreams or ideals which are the raison d’etre of starting our own business.

The dream should be something worthy, worthed, to be pursued and fought for. If not, dreams will be easily defeated or secondary to the pressures of short-term needs and demands that usually seem more urgent to fulfill.

When a barrage of difficulties arises, dreams become an encouragement that supports us not to give up, but instead looks for a way out. Dreams become the last bastion.

Some well-known motivators suggest that the dream must be specific and clear. Written on a piece of paper, then impregnated and remembered every time. Thus, the ideals are internalized in a strong and entrenched.