The Audi A6 Avant e-Tron starts from the Milan trip towards the future – Eco Mobility


Milan will be a showcase that Audi has selected to reaffirm its commitment in a well timed method via committed approaches and plans, reworking and expanding its personal notion of sustainability.
The funds Lombard – more and more dedicated to sustainable mobility as evidenced by the true eco-friendly revolution that has taken place in latest decades – will basically host, at the Imaginative Week celebration, a countrywide preview of the A6 Avant e-Tron notion which denotes the generation model. totally electric powered, a central element of Quattro Anelii’s ‘green’ strategy. It will do so by opening the doors of its impressive Audi Property of Development hub in Piazza Cordusio and will offer room and audio for the Ingolstadt company’s redesign vision. Audi has set by itself as its lengthy-time period aims of a definitely sustainable mobility and acquiring 2050 carbon harmony for all Enterprise functions. More than the study course of 2025, the ecological status of Audi ships will be diminished by 30% in contrast to 2015, due to the carbon offset of all crops.
At present, Audi is the only producer in the world to supply the total selection of electrical energy whose production has been accepted and licensed for carbon. At the coronary heart of the Audi carbon offsets is the Mission System: Zero. The major opportunities for reaching this aim are represented by a shut lifestyle cycle of electrical power-economical raw products – aluminum, drinking water, plastics, paper and glass – and secondary supplies, by processing derivatives and the use of renewable vitality.
By 2021, all the strategies by now manufactured have resulted in saving 480,000 tons of CO2. Smart use of methods truly will involve cutting down strength usage and lowering emissions from earlier production processes. Audi’s reach extends further than automobiles, which is why sustainable progress mobility is promoted by partnerships inside the distribution chain.
With the changeover to electrical mobility, substantially of the CO2 emissions associated with the automotive world become due to offer chain. In get to accelerate the transition to the electronic mobility of stop-customers, the steady spread of electrical power structures ought to also be accompanied by a major enlargement of charging infrastructure, which Audi encourages as a result of a broader and varied general public and local charging program, beginning from the online. E-tron Charging Provider, Ionity’s swiftest give and Audi’s Significant Energy Charging network.
In depth, the Audi array will be equipped to rely on far more than 20 electric versions by 2025. The prospect of this reform is the strategy of the A6 Avant e-Tron, in Milan in a countrywide preview, a additional electric revolution based on a 4-ring residence, whose functionality is respectful of the surroundings and a consistent witness. by means of Audi.
The idea of the Audi A6 Avant e-Tron is extra than just a practice of manner and is a realistic expectation of upcoming creation styles based on the primary PPE electric powered platform that combines the optimum complex compatibility with the reference housing. The new strategy combines the electrical generate, the future of mobility, and the pillars of the Fourth Ring model this sort of as the Avant configuration, to generate a new chapter in this success tale.
Indicated by a lessened aerodynamic drag (when it comes out only .02 marks from the .22 CX sedan, earlier mentioned the E BEV section), this results in reduced vitality use and, as a result, bigger independence, hence noticeably contributing to the lookup for vitality. Goal objectives: zero.


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