Takeover bid for Newcrest of $24 billion

US gold mining giant lobs $24b takeover bid for Newcrest

Gold prices are increasing, and this is the time to sell any gold jewellery that you might have. The head of the world’s biggest gold mine has pitched a takeover offer for their Australian rival Newcrest. He also offers some great opportunities for the mineworkers, shareholders, and communities to share in the benefits of working for two companies combined into one. This is also beneficial for gold buyers that are getting cash for gold Brisbane. Now you get more value for your gold, even if it’s just scrap gold. This is why the gold price is increasing at the moment.

The takeover bid now stands at $24 billion, but a final decision has been made yet. At the moment shares in ASX-listed Newcrest increased more than 9 cents since the bid was made. Newmont corporation offers to buy all Newcrest shares at 22 cents per share. Making the total more than $24 billion. 

Tom Palmer the president of Newmont welcomed the decision to consider the proposal because it will be beneficial for both parties and countries. Newmont is situated in Denver, Colorado and this is currently the world’s largest gold mine company. They have operations in gold, copper, silver, zinc, and lead. And they already run two Australian gold mines.

Newcrest is a company that is operating in gold and copper mines in Australia. However, they also have mines in Papua, Guinea, and Canada. At the moment the deal isn’t finalized yet, and everyone is waiting for word that the deal was accepted or rejected.

What have it to do with you?

Why is it important to know more about the takeover of Newcrest mine? Mostly because of the uncertainty the gold price is increasing. Making it great for those who have gold and want to sell gold to gold buyer stores. With any uncertainty about metal mining like gold, the markets are increasing in value. Not knowing what effect, the new management of Newcrest will do on the markets.

Because of this, most people, even normal people with just scrap gold jewellery is now looking for deals to sell. The moment that the deal is accepted or declined the gold price can tumble, leaving you will less money in your pocket. You will also read everywhere that experts are suggesting that people sell their gold as soon as possible to get the most out of it.

No need to panic yet.

There is no need to panic yet because rumours are that the deal is far from done. And, that there should be a lot of things that get done before the deal can be closed. So, you can take your time and make sure that you find the right buyers for your scrap gold before the gold price can decrease again.

Yes, there is an offer to purchase Newcrest for $24 billion. This isn’t because the company is near bankruptcy, it is just making sense for the two largest companies in mining to work together. For normal people, like you and me, it won’t influence our everyday lives. However, it might influence the price you are getting when you want to get cash for gold BrisbaneThe gold price is increasing because of the takeover, and you can benefit by selling your gold to gold buyers. The best time to sell is now.

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