Nextdoor’s Cheer Map Shows You Where to Find Holiday Lights Near You

‘Tis the season! Nextdoor has partnered with Hallmark Channel once again to spread some much-needed holiday cheer this season. The neighborhood social networking service launched its annual Cheer Map to help users find holiday light displays near their homes. If you live in a neighborhood that uses Nextdoor, the Cheer Map could be accessed via the Nextdoor site or app. All you need to take advantage of the festive feature is a Nextdoor account. So, you’ll need to sign up if you haven’t already.

How exactly does the Cheer Map gather data on local holiday light displays? Your neighbors play a critical role. Nextdoor users have the option to list their homes on the Cheer Map. To do so, users must go to their neighborhood map by tapping on the Cheer Map icon on the top right hand corner of the Nextdoor home page. A pop-up window should appear over a selected address and ask, “Will you be decorating your home for the holidays?” From there, click “I will!” or “Not this year” and then continue. A lights and display icon will be placed over homes that tapped “I will!” 

To remove an address from the Cheer Map, simply change the selection from “I will!” to “Not this year.” It goes without saying that a Nextdoor account and the Cheer Map feature are both free to access.

“Nextdoor’s annual Cheer Map is back to help your neighborhood shine even brighter this season,” Nextdoor said in a blog. “With so many people staying local this year, it is more important now than ever to bring a little extra cheer to the neighborhood, [and] Nextdoor and Hallmark Channel are thrilled to join forces to spark joy and light up neighborhoods everywhere.”

Access your local Cheer Map on Nextdoor. Happy holidays!

Jessica Wang

Weekend Editor

Jessica is a weekend editor at Apartment Therapy. Her work also appears in Bustle, Nylon, InStyle, and more. She lives in California with her dog.

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