August 7, 2022

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IKEA Tarot Card Set Etsy

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IKEA Tarot Card Set Etsy

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Forget the High Priestess or The Chariot. Are you a Poäng chair or an Ektorp sofa? 

Designed by software engineer Akiva Leffert, these handmade Ikea Tarot cards can now give you a clue into your innermost thoughts and intentions, Boing Boing points out. Of course there are a few twists, thanks to the Swedish retail giant’s unique way with words and famous blue and yellow color palette. 

“Ikea is a place of transition, a journey, a source of light and comfort, but also strife. Ikea contains the universe. Harness that power to understand your own life with these cleanly designed Ikea themed tarot cards,” the description reads. “They’ll go great sitting on your BILLY bookcase or on the table next to your MALM bedframe.”

Unlike the classic four suits of the minor arcana, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, the Ikea Tarot is divided into four suits that play into the Ikea brand: sofas, lamps, dowels, and allen wrenches, as well as a full set of major arcana. You’ll see some familiar aspects of traditional tarot however, but with an Ikea spin. For instance, “The LLovers shows two people standing next to a messy sock of unassembled furniture materials, and The Towr shows someone attempting to climb up the side of an Ikea bookshelf with a giant “X” through it—not a wise decision, of course.

“Makes a great gift for the partner you almost broke up with because of your trip to Ikea!” Leffert joked on Twitter.

According to Akiva’s Twitter, he’ll even be doing readings at the Red Hook Ikea in Brooklyn this weekend. So if you need a little insight in addition to your Swedish meatballs, maybe head over and check it out.

The deck is available for purchase on Etsy for $25.

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