Why Might Your Car Accident Insurance Claim Get Rejected?

7 reasons why your car insurance claim can get rejected | Savvy

According to the law in Miami, every person with an automobile is required to carry auto insurance of some sort. Naturally, when you get into a road accident, you would expect the insurance company to cover all your damages, such as lost wages, medical bills, property damage, etc. However, the process is not as easy as it may seem. 

When you file for insurance money after an accident, you are not easily paid the damages. Sometimes, they may even deny your claim when you might feel helpless. It is important to understand why an insurance claim may get rejected to avoid it when the time comes. For the best suggestions regarding legal claims after a truck accident, contact a trucking accident lawyer

Reasons your car accident insurance claim may get rejected. 

  1. Your vehicle had suffered from wear and tear. 

If your vehicle has signs of normal wear and tear, that is, deterioration due to regular use and lack of maintenance, then the insurance company might use that against you. They may say that your vehicle is old and more likely to get into an accident. Moreover, even if they agree to pay some amount, they will try to lower it by saying that your vehicle was already in a bad state. 

  1. You made a fraudulent claim. 

Nothing can lower your chances of getting compensation from the insurance company than making a fraud claim by lying. You should never make a fake claim by lying about your injuries just to receive benefits from the insurance company. Insurers are good investigators, and it is not uncommon for them to find out who is lying and who is not. 

  1. Policy limitations. 

The insurance company will only pay you the amount covered in your policy. Depending on the type of policy you have purchased, your damages may be greater than your policy coverage limit. Before you file a claim, it is good to review your policy and determine what it covers to avoid any bad surprises later. Every policy has a maximum amount; your insurance company cannot exceed that. 

  1. You have delayed medical treatment. 

It is crucial to visit the doctor and document your injuries immediately after the car accident. If the insurance company suspects that you do not care about your health enough, they won’t pay for your medical damages. Not going to the doctor is a huge red flag for most insurance companies, and they will suspect that you are filing a fraudulent claim. They usually require a bunch of medical documents before awarding the compensation. 

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