August 8, 2022

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WhatsApp And Facebook Applications Become Viral

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WhatsApp and Facebook applications is now viral. Unlike the previous appearance, the latest version of the WhatsApp application is marked From Facebook, which is considered annoying for most users.

Remarks From Facebook is on the home page before entering the WhatsApp application. The decision to add this information was delivered a few weeks ago.

Although there is already an official explanation from Facebook, still, most users are less able to accept it.

WhatsApp Application From Facebook, User Threatens Delete Account

The existence of a From Facebook sign makes most users threaten to delete their WhatsApp account. This is because the user feels annoyed because every time you want to open WhatsApp, there are these phrases on the screen.

It’s not just a threat; there are also users who have already left WhatsApp.

From WhatsApp, not a few users are starting to switch to using Telegram. You could say, the presence of these phrases did have a significant impact on its existence.

But to note, additional information from Facebook is not related to Facebook social media, but Facebook is the owner.

As we know, Facebook is a technology company that not only has a Facebook social network, but also WhatsApp and Instagram.

Reasons for Presence From Facebook

As the owner of the WhatsApp application, the presentation of information from Facebook feels appropriate. As for a reason, Facebook wants to show the difference with the Facebook application.

Also, the presence of WhatsApp with the words From Facebook allows connections to the entire family of technology that it has more clearly.

Not only the WhatsApp From Facebook application, but the company will also add this information to its various products, such as Instagram and even Oculus.

Oculus itself is a company under Facebook. This company created a VR gaming headset.

With Facebook, the company makes it easy for the public to find out what products and services Facebook has.

It is undeniable that there are still many people who do not yet know if Facebook is the owner of several popular services that many users.

In addition to social media, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, the Facebook company also has cryptocurrencies Libra, Messenger, Workplace, and Portal.

Not only that, another reason why Facebook embeds Facebook from its products is to help companies to represent better the diversity of products it pioneered.

Through information from Facebook on each of its products, Facebook is trying to communicate the company’s goals to the world.

WhatsApp New Features

Because of the WhatsApp application from Facebook, WhatsApp seems to have begun to lose some of its users. If you also feel disturbed by these phrases, it’s good you do not immediately delete the account.

Because WhatsApp has many improvements that you can make considerations to stay afloat. Although trivial, the improvements offered by WhatsApp can provide many benefits to users.

This improvement is related to the new features and technology it has. One of the highlights is fingerprint security.

Where is this fingerprint lock that can help you in securing chat or other relevant information on WhatsApp?

This feature can be felt on Android. While for devices with the iOS operating system, the security features are Touch ID and Face ID.

So, the presence of the WhatsApp From Facebook application on the display screen is not a problem when compared to the latest features that are of great use to the user.

To take advantage of security features, users only need to ensure that their WhatsApp application is the latest version.

After that, users can enter the WhatsApp home page and select the dot icon at the top right corner.

From here, users can choose Settings and click on the Account menu. If so, select Privacy and enable Fingerprint Lock.

But before that, you have to make sure that your phone has a fingerprint feature. If not, then the method above will be useless.

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