What the New Moon in Aquarius Means for Your Sign

New moons create a portal for new beginnings. While there is almost nothing as refreshing as starting anew on a blank slate, the upcoming new moon in Aquarius, taking place on February 1, at 12:45 a.m., EST, more so jolts us in a different direction than guides us gently. This new moon invites us to ask ourselves where have we been tiptoeing over eggshells, frightened to fully commit to change, and it may feel like a celestial tug-of-war between what has been and what can be. The energy is tense and uncomfortable, but ultimately it’s growth-inducing and will help us realign with our authenticity and our path. Make no mistake–this is a cosmic course correction.

The sun and moon in Aquarius during the lunation invite us to reflect on our hopes and dreams for the future. What structures do we have in place to achieve those goals? On a collective level, Aquarius’ energy also asks us to reflect on society, communities, and group dynamics. What groups are we part of, and are they fostering productive, healthy dynamics or are they more harmful? Aquarius’ archetype can also be described as the rebel and knows what it feels like to be othered. With that in mind, we may feel isolated even within a group dynamic. You may find yourself reflecting deeper on your role and fulfillment within group dynamics and friendship circles.

The sun and moon will be separating from a tense square with Uranus in Taurus, which forcefully urges us to break free from structures, systems, or patterns that are limiting our potential. It will be nearly impossible to tap into that Aquarian idealism if we don’t learn to embrace change. The sun and moon will also be sitting ever-so close with Saturn, the planet of restriction and authority. This new moon takes place just a few days before the sun’s once-a-year conjunction with Saturn, which kicks off a fresh start with our personal relationship with authority, responsibility, and determination for the year to come.

Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs for a comprehensive understanding of how this new moon in Aquarius may affect your birth chart, and then get a bespoke self-care practice to make the most of what the transit brings.

What the new moon in Aquarius means for your zodiac sign, according to an astrologer.


You’ve finally entered a period of embracing more trust, and you’re feeling hopeful about the future, Aries. This is a potent time for calling in all you truly desire. If you want something new, you must do something you’ve never done before. Taking inspired action is critical for bringing your vision to life. You may feel tensions related to security matters; is this desire of yours really practical? Will you have the financial means to achieve this? Release the need to have all the answers, and tap into your intuitive knowing and guidance. You will be protected if you take a leap in a new direction.

Your new moon self-care practice: A daily visualization practice will bring you closer to your dreams than you ever thought possible. Incorporate all of your senses—what does your dream feel like, smell like, taste like? Embody that energy now, and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.


Who you are and how you are perceived by others in the world may feel like two very separate things, Taurus. You’re taking the bull by the horns under this new moon in Aquarius and calling the shots. Release the desire to people-please and letting others control the narrative about your reputation and who you are. Reclaim your authenticity and align with who you are becoming. It may be time to publicly share a new side of yourself. You’re not meant to be small; you deserve to take up space, even if the new version of yourself that you’re stepping into makes a few other people uncomfortable.

Your new moon self-care practice: Carve out time to focus on your self-care routine. How do you nourish yourself? Take a long bath and start a a daily skin-care routine that will have you investing more time into yourself rather than focusing on the noise around you.


You’re in a cycle of learning and unlearning, Gemini. This new moon in Aquarius unveils tension between your current spiritual path or subject matters you’re soaking up, and old self-defeating patterns that you’re ready to release. This is a fresh start to expand your perspective through knowledge. So, sign up for that class or course because now is not a time to limit your interests. It’s likely that whatever subject matter you are studying is having a profound impact on your worldview and sense of self. Let this new moon serve as a cosmic green light to reflect deeper on some subconscious patterns that you’re ready to release and replace with newfound wisdom.

Your new moon self-care practice: Find support with your friends. Reach out to your community and friend groups. There is nothing more healing for you than dialoguing with others. Allow yourself and your needs to be seen.


You’re no stranger to plunging into the emotional depths, Cancer. But this new moon in Aquarius reminds you that it’s safe to come out of your shell. Activating the area of your chart that rules trauma, our psyche, and vulnerability, you’re cosmically tasked with embracing all that intimacy has to offer. There may be tension between your lived experience and a current friend group. Will they show up and support you the way you need? Do you feel guilty taking up space and sharing your trauma? Community uplifts; it’s time to share.

Your new moon self-care practice: If you’re sorting through some deep emotional terrain, try journaling. There is no better way to organize complex thoughts and feelings than by re-reading what’s come up for you during a journaling session.


With Uranus in your 10th house since 2018, you’ve been overhauling your reputation, Leo. But how has this reframe affected your closest ties and relationships? The pull between your career and loved ones may feel more present than ever. If certain relationships don’t align or embrace your cosmic makeover, it may be time to head in a new direction. You’re here to play big, and that may make a few people uncomfortable along the way. This new moon in Aquarius encourages you to reflect on your relationship dynamics and the support you receive within them.

Your new moon self-care practice: Call in all of your wildest dreams and desires for your career with a vision board. See the version of yourself you want to be and work on embodying that feeling each and every day.


You want to do it all, Virgo, and staying busy has never been a problem for you. The area of your chart that governs over your daily routine, health habits, and work comes into focus under this lunation. Your daily habits create lasting change, and you’ve likely been absorbing new information and embracing a new form of study with Uranus in Taurus in your ninth house of spirituality and expansion. How can you apply these learnings to your daily life to create healthier practices? You may think you have it all figured out, but a little tinkering with your routines may lead to massive breakthroughs.

Your new moon self-care practice: Develop a morning practice. The first hour of your day sets you up for what’s to come. Be honest: Do you start your day by scrolling on social media? Step away from your phone and find a productive way to kick off your morning routine.


Check in with your inner child, Libra. When was the last time you nurtured or sent love to little you? The new moon in Aquarius invites you to remember that spark of childhood joy and to embrace hobbies and activities that light you up inside. You may feel like some of your creative urges have been stagnant or challenged due to unprocessed pain in your psyche. But this lunation is all about integration, so allow yourself to dig underneath the surface and do some shadow work. This can result in a creative spark like no other.

Your new moon self-care practice: It’s time to think like a kid. Do something you loved when you were little: Climb a tree. Finger paint. Ride your bike. You deserve to have simple pleasures in your daily life.


Home and family receive a reset under this lunation, Scorpio. Everything with depth is under review. Reflect on your psychological foundation, family patterns, your ancestry and connection to home. How have they impacted your relationships with others? You may feel as if your foundation is built upon quicksand and shifting before your very eyes. While you’re eager to build a vision for the future, you must first address any changes that are necessary within your closest relationships. Are you and your partner in agreement on where you’d both like to retire? Do your long-term plans truly align? It’s time to dig deep and ask the tough questions.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take a bath. The sensation of taking a physical plunge and holding space for just yourself will serve as a much-needed reset.


If you’ve been considering picking up a new skill or taking a course, this new moon in Aquarius is an invitation to follow your heart. This opens up the area of your chart that governs over teaching, learning, siblings, and communication and can create a mental expansion or a new cycle within sibling dynamics. It’s likely that you may feel pressure from your daily routine, like you can’t fit everything in. This lunation reminds you that you can always recalibrate and rework your priorities. Staying busy isn’t actually productive if you’re not investing your time in soaking up new knowledge that can expand your mindset. Ask yourself what needs to shift in your day-to-day.

Your new moon self-care practice: Read a book about an interest of choice. Carving out time to invest in your learning is a wonderful way to invest in yourself and your future.


Finances and security are the topic of conversation under this new moon in Aquarius. A fresh start is slated for your income sector, which could make now a powerful time to align yourself with new projects that add to your resources. You may also be digging deeper and questioning your self-worth. You are deserving of all of your desires, and this is the time to own it. Embracing a shift in your creative pursuits is key to kicking off this next chapter. You may feel a shift in what hobbies you want to nurture and dedicate your time to in your free time. How do your changing interests align with your financial goals? They don’t have to exist on different planes, this is a time to seek integration. A creative pursuit could lead to some abundance.

Your new moon self-care practice: If you find yourself slipping into a scarcity mindset, draft a gratitude list. Write at least 33 (a master number in numerology) things you are grateful for in your present-day life.


You’re ready to step out into the spotlight and own your authenticity, Aquarius. There is no more hiding or shrinking yourself. It’s time for you to take up space and to embrace your eclectic nature. This new moon may feel like a cosmic rebirth, but one that includes tension from family. You may be wondering how stepping into your power fully could affect longtime loved ones or family members. The short answer is: It’s not for you to care about. Their projections about the new version of you is simply that: projection. Family dynamics shift. Allow those who stand by you to support you in your fullest expression of your true self and identity.

Your new moon self-care practice: Mirror work will help you work through any resistance you’re feeling around stepping into the fullest version of yourself. Stand in front of the mirror daily and repeat affirmations in the present tense. This will create an undeniable energetic shift.


Rest, reprieve, and release are all around the corner, Pisces. This new moon in Aquarius lands in the sector of your chart that reminds you that healing doesn’t happen overnight and that staying busy and filling your time can actually lead to setbacks. There is power in stillness and embracing the unknown. You’re able to adopt a newfound sense of spirituality by holding duality in this season. You may feel like you’ve been experiencing tension in the daily hustle and bustle of your life and within your overall mindset. So, picking up a daily meditation practice or setting aside time to nurture your rest cycles will create new patterns for a more solid spiritual and mental foundation.

Your new moon self-care practice: Mindfulness practices are necessary during this season. As a mutable sign, your mind can move a mile a minute and shift from experiencing the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Explore tools like meditation, breath work, or EFT tapping to cultivate more stability.

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