What are Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads?

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video: What They Are and How To Use Them In Your  Amazon Strategy

A-Brands Video Ad is a Sponsored Brands Video ad is a kind of sponsored Brand advertisement that is only available to companies that are part of the Amazon Brand Registry program. Video ads first came out in early 2020. This relative newness makes them an ideal opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd. For one thing, many of your competitors might not be registered as a brand.

Advertisement sponsored Brands Video ads usually appear on the top of the initial page in Amazon result pages. Contrary to traditional Sponsored Product advertisements that look like organic results from search videos make up a substantial page area. As a result, users are unable to miss them.

The two-part ads show the brand’s video alongside an image of the product that contains the primary image of the item, including the title, reviews pricing, and shipping details.

Who Can Use Sponsored Brands Video Ads?

When you’re an active participant in the Amazon Brand Registry, you can make video advertisements. You’ll also have to have an active Amazon seller with an active Seller Central account.

Amazon sellers can access an equal amount of assistance. As the lines are blurring between Amazon sellers and vendors, We are likely to be seeing improvements to this kind of advertisement using video.

Why Should You Use amazon video ads for Your Products?

The majority of marketers agree that videos can be a great way to explain the benefits of a product quickly. However, letting your customers know about the product isn’t an attractive enough reason to pay for videos.

Here are some additional reasons to consider using videos for your advertising checklist:

Video is 7x more likely to get clicks than digital ads

A typical Click-Through Ratio (CTR) in video advertisements is 7.5X more than in display ads. This is because videos are more interesting and draw more attention than static images. 

Videos allow you to show the product in use.

If you’re selling something that needs to be used regularly and is not a product that can be used in a way, consumers are less likely to purchase it if they’re not sure how to utilize it. 

Here are some examples:

A demonstration of the coffee maker shows how simple it is to make use of

A pool for the family can demonstrate how much fun and how sturdy it can be

It is possible to display it as an attractive accessory or an interior design

The clothes are displayed in the way it looks on someone in real life from various perspectives

No matter how you go about it, videos allow users to see how it would work when employing your solution.

It’s still relatively new to Amazon sellers.

Amazon launched videos last year, which means that many sellers are still used to the technology. Many sellers remain stuck in their old ways, which allows beating them with captivating ads. The extra effort will be rewarded with more CTR, which will result in greater conversion rates.

The majority of people are visual learners.

Many platforms are shifting to video since most people tend to be visual (estimated 65%). In this regard, visually-oriented people are more likely to motion ads. If you’ve seen an article gain more popularity thanks to an impressive infographic, you’ve seen it in motion.