May 27, 2022

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Website Planning 101: The Ultimate Guide to Better Design and Development

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The primary goal of a web design and development service is to create a website that would provide the best user experience to achieve marketing goals.  If you are a business that wants to achieve more for your customers and your company, find people who can provide you with exceptional quality work and service.  Click here for better planning of website design in New Orleans.  While you’re not at it, here’s a website planning guide to better design and development.

How to Obtain Better Website Planning

If you want a top-performing website that will increase your revenue while helping you save money and time, you should be able to carefully plan your website.  This will prevent performance issues that can cost you a lot of money and loyal customers.

There are many phases to consider in coming up with the perfect plan that will be able to meet your customer’s desire.  Let’s look into these steps:

  1. MARKET ANALYSIS.  Look at your current market analysis and determine the values and needs of your customers.  What are the trends?  What are the demographics of your potential and loyal customers? What works to attract them, and what keeps them coming back? How do they connect to your brand or are they connecting at all? Re-evaluate your position against your competition.
  1. SMART GOALS.  Define your SMART goals to establish the purpose of your website.  Ask questions that will help you determine the purpose of your website and let you know how you will be successful.  This is the foundation of website planning.  
  1. BUDGET.  If you want the best web design and development, it does not necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money.  But you should be willing to invest and allot a budget for website development, maintenance, and marketing. 
  1. DOMAIN NAME.  An item that you need to consider spending on is purchasing your domain name and hosting.
  1. TEAM PLAYERS.  Achieving success in website planning and development requires teamwork.  Identify your resources and who will perform specific roles such as:
  • Web designer
  • HTML coder
  • Web developer
  • Project manager
  • Writer and Editor, Content Strategist
  • Stakeholders

A successful website has lots of players behind the scenes.  Choose your talent that will increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  1.  RESEARCH.  Know who your competition is.  If you want to be ahead of them, know what they do so that you will know how your website can perform better.  There are many available tools to help you with this task.
  1. BUYER RESEARCH.  Learn what your audience likes.  Create buyer personas about what you learn from researching their behavior and preferences. What goes on in their mind, and how do they feel through the decision buying process?
  1. VALUE PROPOSITION.  What makes your brand, including your products and services, more attractive to your audience?  Explain these in detail through a value proposition.
  1. UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION.  What makes you stand out from your competition?  What makes you different?  Why should your audience choose you over your competition?  Create a one-liner that explains your answer to these questions to your ideal customer.
  1. SITE FEATURES.  Looking back to your goals in designing and developing your website, determine what site features will help you achieve your goals.  Know what features will work for your website and will answer the needs of your audience.
  1. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  Use the right CMS for your business that will organize and manage your digital content.  Remember your content is what you feed your potential customers.  Make sure that your CMS works to make your website profitable while helping customize your brand’s customer experience.
  1. KEYWORDS.  Keywords build your website.  How you use keywords throughout your website will impact your overall conversion rates.  Use the expert keyword research tools available on the internet.
  1. CONTENT STRATEGY.  Be defined when you create your content.  Know what type of content will work best on your website, then compile it before starting on our web design.  Create content that talks about what your audience cares about.  It should provide answers to the needs, struggles, and questions of your audience.
  1. SEO-FRIENDLY URLs. Keep your URLs consistent, organized, trustworthy, and most of all, simple.
  1. PROFESSIONAL LOGO.  Show your brand’s mood and culture through a logo that tells the story of your brand.
  1.  TEST.  Before launching your website, include testing how it works across all devices and browsers.
  1. REAL DATA.  Plan on creating a website with a growth-driven design that uses real data so that you can improve your site over time.

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