Waymo and Zeekr to develop all-electric, autonomous ride-hailing vehicle

The new purpose-built mobility vehicle is being designed and developed at Zeekr’s R&D facility, CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology Centre) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Waymo Zeekr Autonomous vehicle Exterior Design

Under this collaboration, Zeekr will be designing and developing the future vehicle on a new proprietary and open-source mobility architecture.

Waymo will take delivery of the vehicles in the United States and will then integrate its fully autonomous Waymo Driver into the vehicle platform.

Waymo Zeekr Autonomous vehicle Interior Design

The new vehicle will be designed to be rider-centric from the outset. The new Zeekr vehicle has been designed for autonomous use-cases and will come with a fully configurable cabin, both with and without driver controls, that can be tailored towards rider requirements for the Waymo One unmanned ride-hailing fleet in the US.

Waymo Zeekr Autonomous vehicle Exterior Design

Zeekr was founded in early 2021 as a global technology-mobility brand with design and engineering resources in Sweden. The first model from Zeekr, the 001, was introduced in April 2021.

(Source: Zeekr)

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