Turkey stories, including underwear and a helicopter | George Block


The temperature is last but not least getting to be wonderful. This 7 days, I got out of the property and went to the club with a very good close friend. I was shocked to obtain it a bit crowded. With cartridges continue to really hard to discover, I was not absolutely sure how numerous individuals would be there.

I took an outdated and beat-up .22 to shoot, as it is uncomplicated to obtain ammo for, and I just desired out of the dwelling.

On the way to the club, I saw some coltsfoot together the facet of the street and a couple daffodils in the discipline at the bridge by Linden Creek or Little Chartiers. All signs are pointing toward spring’s arrival.

This warm weather conditions will carry in trout season and turkey season. A even though again, I was looking for turkey and had not found a 1. I went in to clean up. Out of the blue, I read a acquainted seem. It was a turkey. Simply because it was the spring turkey year, I grabbed my gun and connect with and ran out the back door. About 150 yards away was my truck, so I ducked behind it and started out to connect with. Just after a several very good perks, I heard that answering call. I perked all over again and waited. Oh boy, a turkey. Now I was fired up immediately after not looking at one particular all day.

That chicken was massive, and he came out about 100 yards from where by I was, and I blasted him. Then I ran up and picked him up by the feet. He was a dandy. That is when it hit me. I appeared down and understood I didn’t have any clothing on. Boy was I cold and ashamed. Luckily for us, my searching spouse was still out someplace in the woods, so I hightailed it again up to the camp. That is how I came to shoot a Turkey in my underwear.

When my mate came in disgusted, of study course, I just instructed my tale without the need of the portion about my having no outfits on. It was a wonderful bird nevertheless. Afterwards, I thought it amusing and told him my tale and now it is a legend.

One particular time I went out in the early morning so early to hunt spring turkey that it was nevertheless darkish. I got myself all settled. This was about 10 many years back. I went to the Scenery Hill area. I was applying a slate simply call and experienced not heard a point. I strike the simply call one past time, and minimal and behold I received an answer. Just after he came in about 75 yards there was a lot of address, so I identified as yet again.

My spouse, Eileen, was with me. We waited for a great shot. She had the shotgun at port of arms when out popped a hen. Next arrived four gobblers. She shot and experienced her decide of pictures. Then I appeared at her and observed she was not even going through the same way I was. There was an even bigger turkey male coming in from at the rear of us. He turned out to be about 24 lbs . of dressed chicken. I called five males in one particular simply call.

John and I have been looking in the Shades of Death location around Avella. As usual, we were late getting up and obtaining in the woods. As we walked into the woods, I could hear the turkeys building a delicate roosting sounds. I could visualize them dropping off their roost. John went his way. I took my stand. I bought out my contact and designed a delicate simply call. The answering phone sounded awful. I assumed it was my good friend and he was not contacting properly.

I identified as all over again and once more. I listened to the most terrible get in touch with that I ever read. Then I observed the chicken. It was a serious turkey. I seriously thought it was my hunting lover fooling all around. That hen did not sound superior at all. I never ever did get a very good shot at this chook with the undesirable voice. He needed voice classes.

The final of my stories was a turkey I named the helicopter turkey. I was contacting turkey when out of the blue I listened to an answering connect with. I seemed out across the woods and there he was, a way off and to the side. I hit the simply call and this chicken went straight up in the air. He helicoptered up and straight back down. Each individual time I hit that call, he would do it. I viewed him do this above and in excess of on the way in. I will normally assume of him as the helicopter turkey.

George Block writes a weekly outside column for the Observer-Reporter.


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