To Impeach, Or Not?: 5 Considerations

After, more than two years of accusations, and denials, a Special Counsel’s investigation, court cases, indictments, etc, the United States has entered that time, when the inevitable, political discussion, is, whether or not, the Congress should impeach the President! This discussion has gone, well – beyond, merely, the hypothetical, especially after the release of the somewhat – redacted, Mueller Report. However, it appears, few minds have been changed, by the testimonies, feasibilities, etc, and the supporters of President Trump, appear to either, not believe, or don’t care about any of the evidence, and/ or, assumptions. Few minds seem, to have been changed, by the report, or any of the other news, released, on either side, of the discussion! Therefore, with that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, some of these considerations, whether this President should be impeached, deserves to be, or, should not be.

1. Does it meet the standards, for being impeached?: Begin, by realizing, an impeachment is, far more similar to a legal indictment, than any conviction. The Constitution grants the House of Representatives, with the initial consideration, and decision, and if, more than have of these Congressman, decide to impeach, and vote, as – such, he is impeached! It has never been, that clear, what, high crimes and misdemeanors, refers to, and, I doubt, the Founding Fathers, envisioned, the degree of political partisanship, we presently, are experiencing. Remember, only 2 Presidents, have actually, been impeached, and in the last century, Bill Clinton, was the only one! His major crime, was lying to the Special Prosecutor, about his relationship, with an intern, where the accusations, today, focus on potential interactions with a foreign nation (Russia), and covering it up. President Trump, has been accused of telling thousands of lies, by political fast – checkers.

2. Political strategy: Unlike previous investigations, the discussion today, has been, nearly, completely, about partisan politics! Every vote has been along party – lines, with little to no effort, to seek common ground, and/ or, a meeting, of the minds! It has been stated, one of the considerations, Democrats, are focusing on, to determine, whether to proceed, with impeachment, is, how it might affect them, politically. Several feel, they are stuck, with trying to determine, whether, what many consider a necessary action (from an ethical perspective), would cost them in the next election, and, their hopes, to regain control of Congress, and the White House!

3. Empowering/ enabling, if you don’t: As soon as the Mueller Report, was released, or, actually, before it was, but after it was submitted, the President’s hand – picked, Attorney General, William Barr, proclaimed, basically, the process was over! Those who feel, impeachment, may be the only ethical choice, believe, if Congress doesn’t proceed forward, they are empowering and enabling, this President!

4. Historical implications: Since there have been, so few Presidents, impeached, there are historical implications, of, either proceeding forward, with the ordeal, or avoiding it! Their claim is, if this President, does not deserve, being impeached, there may be little to no actions, which do!

5. When is the time, right?: Like many things, isn’t it, a form of procrastination, for a decision to be based, by, whether, the time is right? There, probably, is, no such thing, as an optimum time, to proceed, when there aren’t any potential ramifications of taking action!

Democrats must decide, if it’s worth it, and/ or, beneficial, to the nation, to begin, an impeachment inquiry. They must consider, not only, whether, Trump has committed actions, which require it, but, also, whether, by doing so, it will harm their chances, to regain control of Congress, and the White House. This has to be balanced, with the ethical, moral, responsibility, and how history, will consider their options. Finally, they must, determine, their best strategy/ approach, since, it seems, the Republican – controlled, Senate, will, almost certainly, not consider it, and, if they do, won’t gather the two – thirds majority, required.

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