January 22, 2022

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The Phenomenon Of Technological TIK TOK

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The phenomenon of technological today it might be arguably the instant era because of technology that has been entirely advanced, even digital. All can be accessed through the grip or even one touch. According to Williams and Sawyer (2003), TIK TOK is a technology that combines computers with high-speed communication lines that can carry data, voice, and video. The existence of these technological advances, both information technology, and communication technology bring positive and negative impacts. Positive impacts include

• Makes it easy for us to communicate even over long distances even with mobile phones
• Facilitate our work or assignments as students or students, and we can access the information we need from Google
• More time-efficient.
• In ancient times people copied files by writing or retyping, but now we can send them via email
• Entertainment
• Now we can access some entertainment like games, videos, music for free

The impact of the TIK TOK application

Besides, in the development of TIK TOK itself, there are also negative impacts caused, such as Cyber ​​Crime, Cyber ​​Bullying, tend to be more passive and lazy, the circulation of harmful content, and sometimes we become individuals who waste time for things that are not useful. These impacts have happened a lot in our lives. Recently the community was shocked by the Tik Tok phenomenon.

The application is a short social video platform that is supported by music. Whether it’s music for dance, freestyle, or performance, and the creators are encouraged to imagine freely and express their expressions freely. Tik-Tok itself is made by Byte Dance (founded by Zhang Yiming), which was first released in September 2016.

The development of TIK TOK technology

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, in September 2017, then the Tik-Tok application is bolted with its users, reaching 150 million in June 2018 and making Tik-Tok as one of the most popular apps. However, in its use, a lot of harmful content that appears. For example, a video of some teenagers who play the prayer movement.

Not only that, the case of the midwife who made a tick-tock video by playing with the baby’s face, as well as the number of sensual shakes from some users. Another case that attracted a lot of public attention was the case of a tick-tock user named Bowo, who was 13 years old. This case started with a meet and greeted that reportedly was made by his fans. From the MD, it was found that the real face was different from the faces in the tick-tock videos he made.

The incident also became the talk of many people and invited scorn from the community. Some harsh and dirty words made by the public, but not a few from Bowo fans who defended. But sometimes the way they protect is out of bounds, and it is a pity that the average age is a teenager and sitting in elementary school and junior high school.

How to be safe in social media

From the phenomenon above, at least we as connoisseurs can sort out which is good and right. And if there is abuse, we should not say bullying. From the actions above become a correction for parents always to supervise their children during the development of TIK.
However, Tik-Tok re-opened with a minimum user age limit of 16 years


Technology develops because of humans and for humans. We cannot blame technology that already exists today. What we need to do is use it wisely and make the most of it.

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