The Commie Chronicles – Episode 4

In our last episode, we discussed the purge principle perfected by the communist Left related to Trump. In this episode, we’ll take a broader look at the focus of purging or killing careers, families, and organizations. We saw maybe the purge’s earliest signs with the Clarence Thomas hearings when he was being vetted for a seat on the Supreme Court. A more recent example would be another Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. They did everything short of physically shooting him.

Much of the purge’s value to Dictators like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and others is the fear factor. When they come for you in the night, and you never return, it sends a message for sure. So the insanity of vilifying President Trump after he was no longer in office has more to do with sending a loud and clear message than anything else. That’s what came down on an American Airlines flight out of DC following the January 6 ‘insurrection.’ The plane was loaded with MAGA people, supporters of President Trump. The pilot deemed them rowdy for singing and having fun and threatened them with a quick landing and expulsion from the flight. Message sent.

In Jefferson County, West Virginia, a school Superintendent is sending the purge message. During the Trump Rally in DC mentioned above, 30 teachers from the District attended the rally in support of the President. It was on their own personal time, but hey, a purge is a purge. Send the message, spread the fear. And the public-funded Public Broadcast System got in on the act. One of their attorneys stated that ‘Republican kids should have to go to reeducation camps.’ Keep in mind that in Soviet Russia, men, women, and children were purged, as in killed.

And there are other ways to purge someone. Credit card processor Stripe shut down the President from raising money. They just closed his accounts while he was raising money to fight the election fraud. Deutsche Bank, where the President’s businesses had financial holdings, simply canceled them, pushing the Trump organization elsewhere. All this while he was President of the United States. Unprecedented in this country.

Former CIA Director and closet Muslim under President Soertero, John Brennan, called for Trump supporters to ‘beg for mercy’ for what they’ve done. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and their cohorts want to censure fellow Congressional members Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert for believing there was election fraud. Once again, purge those who don’t play the party tune. Mao would be proud.

The corporate side of things brings more purging. Electronic retailer Best Buy announced it would be withholding donations from Congressional members who voiced concern over election fraud. They were joined by Apple, AT&T, American Express, and others sending a message to play by the new communist rules or don’t play at all.

More corporations got in on the act. Insurance and investment giant AIG dropped a spokesman because he was a Trump supporter. Retired baseball great Kurt Shilling was a spokesperson for AIG. That is until he spoke out in support of the President. Color him gone. CNN’s aka Communist News Network’s Don Lemon, likened Trump to Hitler and proclaimed that anyone voting for Donald Trump was a member of the KKK or were Nazi sympathizers. Stoke the fear.

Senator Josh Hawley was scheduled for a fundraiser at Lowe’s Hotel. That is until he came out in support of Trump and a fraudulent election. Loew’s Hotels promptly canceled his event. He didn’t play well with Democrats. Following Loew’s cancellation came the publisher of Hawleys new book, Simon & Schuster, who promptly canceled publication because he supported the President. Get in line or else.

In perhaps the most bizarre news, over 200 publishing executives and corporations signed a mutually acceptable letter to forbid President Trump from publishing his memoirs, like every modern President before him. One communist dictator, Mao Tse Tung, when he took power in 1949, purged by most estimates, 80,000,000 people. We’re a bit more sophisticated and civilized today, saving ‘being suicided’ for only those with the most damaging material.

Death by assassination or character assassination, if done correctly, is not very different at all. We now live in third-world America following the Democratic communist coup. Things are never going back to the way they were in January 2020. Never.

Until next time… save your brain and watch for the purges. You could be next.

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