Sony Ericssion Vivaz Review

Sony Ericssion has launched the new Vivaz HD phone. Now you can enjoy full HD pictures and videos and share them at a lightening fast speed with this mobile phone.

The new Sony Ericssion Vivaz is packed with all new features that will make your life simpler and faster. I am going to discuss a few features in my review. The first one is it’s YouTube compatible, you can watch your favorite videos again and again. You can also upload and share your videos with every one. The touch user interface of the phone makes the navigation truly spontaneous no matter whatever you are doing like browsing the media menu or adjusting the camera settings. Another useful feature of this phone is the Find the way, a GPS, you will never get lost again. Your phone will be having a built in GPS which is a location based service and helps you to find your way to a destination.

The all new face detection technology gives you sharp and clear pictures of the people in your photos. With the face detection function activated the camera automatically detects and focuses the face in the viewfinder. You can connect your headphones to your Vivaz through the 3.5mm audio jack. Enjoy social networking with Facebook integrated in your phone. Get the updates from your friends right on your screen, you can also click a photo and upload it straight into Facebook page. You can connect your Vivaz to the TV via TV out and watch all your personal pictures and videos in the big old screen in your living room. The Media Go organizer makes it easier to transfer files between your PC and phone via drag n drop, it also supports hassle free file conversion. You can just tap your screen and select the PlayNow service which brings you unlimited entertainment at the fastest possible speed with the turbo 3G or Wi-Fi. You can enjoy your pictures in landscape or portrait mode and you can simply rotate the phone and move between modes.

Let’s move on to the specifications of this phone the size of the phone is 107.0 x 52.0 x 12.5 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches. Weight is 97.0 g i.e. 3.4 oz. The phone comes with a 360×640 pixel 16,777,216 color 16:9 nHD touchscreen (TFT). The Sony Ericssion Vivaz is available in four colors, Cosmic Black, Moon Silver, Galaxy Blue and Venus Ruby. The phone memory is 75 MB and SanDisk microSD (up to 16GB).

Some of the accessories compatible with the Sony Ericssion Vivaz are VH700 chat handsfree, MW600 wireless radio, VH310 Bluetooth headset and many more.

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