August 8, 2022

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Preventing The Process From Rotting Over Time

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10. Preventing the process from rotting in the end, it’s all about execution.

Preventing the process from rotting technology by itself, no matter how robust, means nothing without back-end processes and reviews in place to make sure it’s all working. Each step outlined here is as important as the next, and we’re sure you can identify others that are specific to your organization.

Periodic review of the system

To ensure continuous improvement, we recommend a review of the entire process every six months, at minimum. (Initially, we believe a quarterly review is appropriate.) Invariably, you will encounter obstacles that are unanticipated or difficult to resolve .  But don’t let this discourage you, as the first sign of process degradation will signal to your entire team that it’s not important, or that you are not committed to it. The flip side is also true — if your team sees you’re always working to refine and improve the system, they’ll climb on board and become highly participative in the process.

Passing on the Leads

This is a step where it’s easy to lose a lot of potential sales. Even with existing CRM, it is possible for leads to get lost in the shuffle, or be continued prematurely. Having an automatic process or approval can ensure that no contact is missed, and they only move when certain criteria are met. When prospects are passed on to sales, make them a strategic process. Make sure the score is accurate, and the leader does not need to be fostered further.

Lead data must be current and accurately tracked, listing all activities and background data collected during the maintenance process to help sales close the deal Sales must have a strategy for fact checking and intelligent information review before making contact. These include: business structure, current products / services, decision makers, audience segment information, and other intelligence that can help develop personal relationships

Create guidelines for follow-up to stay on the leader’s radar during the parenting, sales and conversion process

Above all, remember that the conversion point is not the point where you stop engaging with your customers. After the sale, the individual still leads with additional conversion potential. They are also a potential source of new references.

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