August 8, 2022

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New Home Business Opportunities in 2020

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Time is money

Home Business Opportunities. To be honest, I wrote this article because I wanted to tell you how I started my own business.

Initially, I joined working with other people with a standard salary for 8 hours per day, Monday to Saturday.

Then I made 1 website and have income per month, only 5% of my salary.

After 2 months of trying, the website income became 45% of my salary at the company where I work.

Home Business Opportunities
This is my work desk at the moment (2019)

Finally, I thought

  • I work 8/24 hours a day on somebody company getting a 100% salary
  • I do my business 2/24 hours a day getting a 45% salary
  • If I do my business 4/24 hours a day I should get 90% salary
  • To get 100% of my salary, I will need 5/24 hours a day
  • If I do my business 6/24 hours a day, I can get 100% more than my salary at the company, plus I can get more than an extra 2 hours.

I thought that easily

Now my business has been running for 5 years and is worth 80 times my salary at the company.

Everyone has their strengths

I am sure that everyone has their advantages. There are experts in the field of technology, but less in the field of administration, and vice versa.

So this is where I began to think, how to connect to these two people for mutual benefit.

Entrepreneur Mindset & Home Business Opportunities

Some of the points I have collected over the past 5 years in doing business from home are:

  • Being an entrepreneur, you have more time.
  • All businesses must have a place of work, but a place of work does not have to have an office.
  • All businesses must have capital, but capital is not always money.
  • If something goes viral in your life, there must be pluses and minuses, which means there is something to lose and something to benefit. We can take some of it.
  • Never refuse a job offer, at least, say you can do it first, if we have difficulties, we can think about it in the back. Why you must do this? If we say no when a customer offers a job, it is impossible for us to get success.

What business can be done from home?

Home Business Opportunities, sounds cool right? If I discuss in one article, of course, it will not be enough, but I will try to tell just one job along with the steps.

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