NEET Preparation: Effective Learning Approaches

7 Ways To Deal With Stress & Anxiety During NEET Exam Preparation

One of the most effective ways to ace a test is considering the complete course as a pre-exam preparation phase. This is because a course through the preparatory phase can take quite a lot of time; it may get challenging to perform academic tasks on a daily basis. To excel at tests, begin by identifying related tasks. 

So, don’t just panic; bury your head in a heap of books and hope for the best. Consider the following strategies discussed here, which can help maintain consistency all through your preparatory phase for NEET UG. Adapting and implementing these will help you better perform at NEET.

1. Get organised with your goals 

Go over the course overview to get an essence of the course which you are about to cover and your scoring areas. In concrete terms, recognise your goal and jot it down to bolster your resolve. 

2. Recognise your learning approach 

Take up a quick test to figure out your learning approach – kinesthetic, auditory or visual. This self-awareness can get your efficacy around the clock on point. Make note that your learning approach may be different from that of others, but that does not mean you are not on the right track. You can start out experimenting with different resources and tools and zero in on what works best for you. Adapting your own approach to suit your learning and convenience enables you to produce desired results in less time.

3. Time scheduling 

This skill, if mastered, can get a lot of tasks sorted for you. Several ways in which you can make time work for you are using a study planner, having a week or day at glance views. This gives a holistic view of time spent and available. 

Make a note of activities to be performed, space it out judiciously, and track progress periodically. The going might get tough while at this, so constantly remind yourself of your priorities and minimise all the distractions. 

4. Effective note-making techniques 

There are several methods for note-making which can help you jot down important information. Effective note-making approaches can help you extract the most out of the NEET 2022 syllabus and thus recentre your attention towards important points on a concept only. In order for students to make effective notes in class, attention to details and being an active listener is a prerequisite. 

5. Mind maps 

Information in the form of graphic organisers helps in outlining vital information in the most effective way possible. This way of structuring information for each concept helps encapsulate the essence of each on a bigger frame. Gradually, one tends to develop a mind map in order to review the important sections of each subject and gain a broader insight. Hence, one is able to assess and recall important factors, definitions, formulae, reactions, examples and more. 

6. All a game of concentration and consistency 

Attempting NEET must be your interest only, then the course of action shall follow suit. Give your 100% to each task you take up to clear NEET successfully. Be it dedicating one hour to studying Physics as per your study schedule on a particular day, or taking up mock tests. 

If you have a work-around with your level of concentration and identify which is the best time of the day for you in terms of attention span, you can do more in less time. These are traits of achievers. Practise and apply a variety of memory techniques. 

This was a brief on effective learning approaches you can adapt while you are preparing for NEET 2022. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for related content.