Move Over, Bob Marley—These Are the Most Popular Dorm Room Posters Right Now, According to Twitter

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Back when I was in college ten years ago ( *cracks back, hears entire spinal column disintegrate into dust*), it felt like everyone had some combination of the usual suspects on their dorm room walls: Bob Marley posters, tie-dyed tapestries, something involving Audrey Hepburn, or “Pulp Fiction” tributes. And based on what my older relatives and friends said, that had pretty much been the case for the past few decades.

If you watch enough TikToks (how do you do, fellow kids?), you’ll see a lot of anime and LED lights in dorm rooms.

Honestly, now I’m questioning why Bob Ross posters weren’t more popular back when I was in college.

A few college students actually acknowledged Delaney’s request to share photos, and they show that superheroes and anything nostalgia-related are all the rage.

But honestly, the best thing about the responses from actual college students is how much individual taste is valued when decorating dorm walls. It seems the kids truly are alright.

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