Machu Picchu is coming to Oculus Quest’s National Geographic Explore app

An all-new adventure is making its way to the National Geographic Explore VR app: Machu Picchu.

This Oculus Studios-published app was released at the launch of Quest back in May. Developed by Force Field VR, the interactive experience takes you to extreme places on the planet. Its first experience, for example, takes you on an expedition to Antarctica, where you can kayak in icy waters and climb mountains.

Soon, though, we’ll see an entirely new destination based in the Andes Mountains in Peru. You’ll be learning about the area’s history as you trek through the Incan citadel. There’s a very brief teaser below which shows players taking pictures of mummies, learning about the architecture, and having a closer encounter with what I think is a llama (apologies if not, I’m not entirely up-to-date on my Peruvian mountain life).

Force Field confirmed to us that the update will be free for existing National Geographic Explore users. The app itself costs $9.99. No word yet on a possible Oculus Rift release, nor if there will be any further levels added later down the line.

This continues a busy streak of Quest releases for Force Field. Since launching National Geographic, the Amsterdam-based developer has also delivered a port of its Anne Frank House VR experience and released the likable puzzle game, Time Stall. The team is certainly keeping its hands full on Quest.

This story originally appeared on Copyright 2019

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