Internet Marketing and Promotion News

The latest news revolves around Internet marketing. The traditional four “P’s ” of marketing now with three added for “services” marketing have all revised themselves and included the Internet as a powerful medium and marketing tool and discusses the way it has revolutionized the very function of sales and marketing. Earlier, product, price, place and promotion; the four P’s of standard marketing is augmented by people, physical evidence and process concentrated on the core marketing activities ranging from the various internal to external strategies. But today, Internet marketing and promotion has earned all the accolades.

Year 2009 has passed and has bequeathed serious responsibility of economic reforms to the year 2010. Though it has laid a strong foundation on which the year 2010 can visualize a steady growth, yet it is imperative to understand the customers, reach them appropriately and strategize according to them. Due to the increase in e-business, it is wise to research and develop products based on the marketing strategy outside- in rather than inside-out.

Internet promotion is one of the most widely used concepts today, where customers are reached and targeted to the point where services or products can be customized to the best. As the Internet has gained a phenomenal presence in industry, education, mass-communication, social and political segments, promotional campaigns along the Internet medium are proving to be extremely rewarding. Be it online reservations, online admissions, online payments, the Internet has made every transaction extremely comfortable and convenient. Thus if people are not moving out, there is no use of billboards; if people are not reading newspapers, there is no use of print advertisements; if people are not listening to radio, there is no need to go on air.

Internet marketing promotion in news is just because of the increased acceptance of the marketing tool amongst masses, whose power branding and marketing gurus have well realized. Thus it is no wonder if companies stop advertising elsewhere in the near future and concentrate only on this small, yet significant medium.

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