‘I Thought My Name was Butch’ a collection of short, engaging stories


“I Imagined My Title Was Butch” by Ross Van Dusen.

“I Believed My Title was Butch” is the title of a collection of extremely brief, partaking tales by Albuquerque writer-artist Ross Van Dusen.

The humorous-ha-ha and amusing-peculiar vignettes are drawn from Van Dusen’s remembrances of his childhood in a blue-collar community on Detroit’s west aspect.

Most of the tales are a single web site in length. The length, moreover the immediate, down-to-earth creating type, make the tales easy to digest.

“I didn’t want a e-book you read through address-to-include like a novel, but one you could go through a handful of internet pages at a time and put down,” the 84-yr-outdated Van Dusen stated in an job interview. “I desired a reserve in a variety that would be palatable to the relaxed reader.”

In truth, readers will savor the author’s individual tactic that opens home windows into his formative years.

Ross Van Dusen

Right here is a story that inbound links you to the book’s title. The tale is “Your Name is Ross,” in which the author’s mother is summoned to faculty his next week of kindergarten.

Van Dusen writes: “It would seem I didn’t reply to my name when I was identified as on. They knew I was not deaf – when they acquired my awareness, I would reply. So what was heading on?”

The writer explains that his dad’s identify was Ross. So his parents identified as Ross, the son, by the nickname Butch to keep away from confusion at dwelling. His neighborhood buddies also knew him as Butch. Which is why at college he didn’t reply when termed by his provided identify.

After the faculty check out, his mother started calling him Rossie at dwelling. “Jeez, a name improve at only 5 a long time old? Gimme a break,” he bemoaned. As it turned out, he recollects paying out a minor much more interest in class as the renamed Rossie. A very little far more.

University plodded along for him at a snail’s rate, forever uneventful. On any provided day when questioned by his mom what he discovered in college, he shrugged, stating he couldn’t don’t forget something.

Each tale ends with a remark by the author. “Your Identify Is Ross” concludes with Van Dusen whining about his unbearable in-course boredom: “Hey, (Mom) did not have to sit continue to, several hours on conclude.”

Stories range in setting and topic, from acquiring into mischief at school, to going to grandparents, receiving unwell flavor-testing crops for the domestic war effort and hard work (World War II) with his sister Pat, and watching the soot-covered guy produce coal in a wheelbarrow to the basement bin.

In a single tale, infant Butch’s skin has turned orange an overabundance of carotene from eating too numerous mashed carrots. So he commenced having additional greens. No, he writes, his skin did not convert eco-friendly.

In a further, Butch punched a boy off the seat up coming to him in course. He wished a pink-headed girl to sit there.

In a tale which is bound to make you chortle out loud, the kindergarten teacher questioned what the youngsters experienced eaten for breakfast. Normally, Butch ate cereal, oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. But when it was Butch’s convert to speak, he declared, truthfully, “A donut and a cup of espresso.” Van Dusen said the teacher was “stunned to silence.”

There is a story about Butch’s parents’ friendliness. When corporation showed up at the family’s dwelling, his mother instantly asked, “Ja try to eat?” Then his dad jumped in with “Wannabeer?”

On the book’s entrance deal with is a photograph of the author at about age 7.

He’s obtained a tough-child seem on his facial area. The look enhances the snappy fedora, the gown footwear, baggy pants, a jacket around a sweater, the sweater more than a shirt. And a snazzy stringy tie.

Frequently, Van Dusen explained, the only new garments he wore as a child ended up socks and underwear. Most of his clothing things were being hand-me-downs.

Pertaining to his outfit in the photograph, he claimed, “Normally I didn’t costume that well. That is in all probability as dressed up as I’d been at that age.”

The book’s stories reminded this writer of the forged of youngster actors in the well known 1920s “Our Gang” shorter movie comedies.

The grownup Van Dusen retired from a extensive and productive profession in advertising and marketing. Right after retirement, he turned his focus to composing and art (portray, sculpture and reserve illustrations). He’s prepared and illustrated prize-successful science and fiction photograph textbooks, mild-hearted novels and a “Random Thoughts” collection.

Van Dusen’s wife Jean edited about a 50 % dozen of his guides, which includes “I Believed My Name Was Butch.”

“She went by means of it about 3 occasions, correcting my grammar,” he reported.

“When I publish, I fracture the English language. Jean glues it back together.”

Jean praised her husband’s new reserve as “full of humorous, entertaining, and generally touching tales of an uninhibited, mostly unsupervised boyhood.”

Ross Van Dusen


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