August 8, 2022

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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Personal Trainers

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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Personal Trainers

There’s more noise than ever for personal trainers and it can be difficult for beginners to differentiate themselves in the industry. The good news for beginners is that social media is a great tool to promote themselves. The bad news is that many personal trainers don’t create a marketing strategy on social media and they fail to reach the right audience.

Research reveals that over 95% of adults aged 18 to 34 follow the brands they like on social media. Roughly 60% of people expect businesses to provide information about their services via social media pages and most of them prefer this means of communication when they want to get in touch with the brand they use.

Over 70% of brands are under the impression they are running phenomenal social media campaigns. Surprisingly less than 10% of their clients agree. Social media channels can help personal trainers reach new clients, but they should ensure their posts engage followers and retain them.

We explored the marketing strategies famous personal trainers use and identified the most successful social media posting tactics. What did we find out?

  • Your posts encourage your followers to follow their dreams        
  • Social media facilitates interaction
  • Social media can help you create a network that supports your fitness performances
  • Online posts allow you to showcase your expertise
  • Memorable posts retain more followers
  • Livestreams add a human touch to your brand
  • News posts make your social media channels look legitimate
  • Client testimonials make people feel safe about hiring you

Social media posts that inspire

Create content to motivate your followers to pursue their dreams. Everyone wants to have a perfect body, but when they hit the gym and see how challenging training is, most of them give up. By telling them you had the same struggles, you show them they can overcome the obstacles they face. Your posts have the purpose to take them from “I plan to do this” to “I’m definitely doing it.”

What should you post? Even if you may find motivational quotes overused, they still encourage people to take action. You don’t have to use the average inspirational quotes people find on Pinterest. You can share before and after photos, success stories and even case studies. Photos tell more than words and they can inspire even the laziest follower.

Social media posts that encourage engagement

Don’t use social media as a one-way conversation platform. Create posts that encourage your public to respond. This strategy helps you learn about them and build trust-based relationships.

What should you post? Use Twitter and Facebook to ask questions or to produce live videos. Ask your followers to vote for your next workout program and share the result. Ask them about their favorite piece of fitness clothing. You should regularly post content that encourages your audience to interact with you because it keeps them engaged with your brand. 

Social media posts that entertain

Personal trainer salary stats reveal that the trainers who also entertain their students have the highest income in the industry. For example, celebrities choose their trainers based on their skills and on how well they interact and connect with them. A trainer who makes their workouts more personable and memorable will always stand out in a crowded industry.

What should you post? Stay away from controversial posts because they alienate people. Post funny quotes, videos, gifs, memes and other content that can make your clients smile. You don’t have to create a stiff and corporate brand because it’s not fit for a personal trainer.

Social media posts that help you create a network

For a personal trainer, it is crucial to network with other specialists and businesses. It’s challenging to reach success if you do everything alone. If you partner with other fitness and health experts you create mutually beneficial relationships.

What should you post? Identify other fitness brands you would like to collaborate with. They can vary from food bloggers to nutritionists, fitness gear manufacturers to smoothie providers. A great idea is to share each other’s content to reach a wider audience. You can also promote one another’s products, discounts, special offers and services. Create exclusive pricing for the clients who collaborate with you and one of your partners.

Livestream to show your public what happens behind the camera

Livestreaming allows you to take your audience with you in the gym. Show them how hard you train and what an average session looks like. Social media livestreaming is crucial for personal trainers who want to use the online scene to grow their audience. It’s an outstanding way to add a human touch to your brand and to show possible clients what they get if they choose you. It’s recommended to create livestream content available afterwards to allow the followers who missed the live broadcast to have a glimpse later.

What should you post? You should livestream directly from the gym, the park or your fitness studio. Schedule a weekly livestream, so your followers know when the next is. Ask them to choose the subject for your next livestream. When producing live videos, explain how you perform certain exercises. It will help you promote your skills as a professional trainer and it will encourage people to hire you to assist them to achieve their dream body.

People like to know everything about everything. Your goal should be to transform your social media channels into reliable news sources people can check when they want to find legitimate information. Ensure you post only content relevant for your public. News posts bring a higher audience than any other type of content and they are the most shared posts online.

What should you post? Stay with fitness-related news and double-check content before posting on your social media channel. Your posts don’t have to relate to the fitness services you provide, but they should be connected with the industry in which you operate. When you choose a subject, explain to your public why you find it relevant to them.

Posts showing the products you use

This is a classic post for a personal trainer. When you want to engage your followers, you should talk about the products you use to boost their curiosity. Don’t have the misconception that all product posts need to be promotional, you can also talk about the products you love without the brand sponsoring you. Actually, you don’t build an audience if you create content only about the affiliate partners.

What should you post? Just because social media algorithms don’t like promotional product posts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create some. You should ensure you limit this type of content to less than 10% of your overall social media efforts.

Make people feel safe about choosing you as their personal trainer. Sharing client testimonials on social media helps you boost loyalty and engagement. Testimonials help possible clients see what former or current ones have to say about your services, before they hire you.

What should you post? You shouldn’t stick with the traditional text-based reviews, you should ask your clients if you can record their testimonials. It’s recommended to hire a professional producer to record the testimonials because a professional video makes you look well-qualified.

Your social media platforms can boost loyalty, drive leads and improve engagement when used right.

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