How Fault in a Cheyenne Car Accident is Determined

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If you are looking to claim compensation for the losses you have suffered after a car accident, one of the most important factors to consider is who caused the crash. But if you are not sure who is responsible for the accident, a Cheyenne accident lawyer can examine the facts of the accident and determine liability. In Wyoming, the party at fault for a crash must cover the damage costs. 

Kinds of Car Accidents

The kind of car crash plays an important role in determining fault. Thus, before this determination, it is important to learn about the various types of car crashes in Cheyenne:

  • Head-on collision. This kind of accident means a car collided with another car and move in different directions. It can occur when the driver was distracted, disobeyed traffic laws, or when they drove their car at a high speed.
  • Vehicle rollover. This can happen when a car takes a sharp turn while driving at high speeds. It can also be triggered by weather conditions or driver behaviors. Such kinds of crashes can result in serious brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or death. If you are a victim of this kind of accident, you can sue the negligent driver. 
  • Rear-end collision. This is when another vehicle crashes into another car’s back. Often, it is a result of distracted driving or when the driver stayed close to the car in front of them. As a result of this accident, you could sustain a neck injury because of the forceful thrust of your head. 

How to Determine Fault

A car accident can happen because of a driver’s negligence and violation of traffic laws. There are systems in place to determine liability to make sure the at-fault driver takes responsibility. The following can help in determining fault in a crash:

  • When liability is clear. In some accidents, liability is easy to identify. This is true in a rear-end collision where the driver behind is assumed to be at fault for the crash.
  • Police report. A police report is an account of what happened in an accident. Thus, police officers need to carefully follow the fact-finding process before they make a conclusion. Your lawyer can get a copy of this report to determine fault in your car accident. 
  • Traffic laws. These laws make it clear what actions on the road are permitted. Your attorney knows the traffic laws in the state and can interpret their provisions regarding the crash. 

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