Good Web Design for you

33 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2021

The topmost goal of the website is to make the conversion, meaning to say, sales! Every marketer online using their website knows how much traffic they are getting each day because it can be easily found in analytics. They are also allowed to see how many chances of making the conversion but failed to happen. And so, having those analytics will help the designer to know more about what to do. However, having the reason for the traffic or giving the web design tips could not be that easy to do. There are so many factors to be considered and elements to be used, even the web designer got a thousand working web designs, it is still an issue for them what will do work best for their client’s needs. There are times that they really need to do trial and error to find out the best for them. And here, we are going to focus on how to accomplish a web design that really works best for you. Here we gathered pieces of advice, ideas, and inspiration on how to design a website that gets returns to satisfy the need of the online marketer. 

What should be the structure of a good website? Prior to the content of the website, you have to plan the styles and structural layouts of the website. How the website would be looked like if there is no layout of structure and styles? It will be really boring for the user and will have less likely to generate a conversion. If there are only words to point out everything on the website then it would be so dull, right? So, in order to finally have an effective website, make sure that the layout or the structural layout of the website is well built and can stand unto the website’s contents. Speaking about the structural layout or style that is so essential to the website design, the very first is the leverage a visual hierarchy. I suppose some of you understand this kind of structure element but to make it clearer, this is what every page has to be, the visual hierarchy to be defined as the patterns or arrangement of the size, color, and contrast of visual elements of the website starting from the homepage. It determines their relative distinction and the order in which they are seen with the proper scheme. So, aside from the content of the website where people or the visitors are taken, this is another thing that keeps them staying. The structure wherein the web designers use visual hierarchy to guide visitors’ attention to the important elements that they could take as an option of their searching through the website. The layout could include the position of the contents, sizes, visual elements such as videos, images, and icons for buttons, and the contrast which talks about the harmonious works of color scheme. Considering the laws of visual hierarchy, when it comes to the low visual prominence of the visual hierarchy, it displays smaller size, the position is bottom of the page, the color has low contrast, the visual format could use text, image, and icons, and finally, the position relative to other elements is compressed on the page. On the other hand, the high visual prominence includes a size that is large enough for readability, the position is on top of the page, the colors are strong contrast and emphasize uniqueness, the construction of visual could have the images, icons, and best of all is the video or image motions, and finally, the position relative to other elements is surrounded by whitespace which can be found better and likable. The visual hierarchy is one of the important structures of the website for it could stand as the face of the website that gives the eye of the visitors a path on every page they will visit on the internet. When used carefully, it guides the visitor’s attention through a series of messages toward a call to action. 

What to found on the homepage?

Since the homepage is the way to all of the pages in the website, it has to be complete with all the functions required to let the audience navigate through the website and enjoy. The Brisbane web design has to use a detailed, key phrase-focused headline placed high on the homepage of the website. The usual question of the visitor is am I at the right place? Well, this could be easily answered upon looking at the clear headline on the homepage upon clicking and flashing of the website’s homepage. The headline top of the homepage serves to be the name of the road if the visitor is in doubt upon hitting the right path. It is also an opening to use a target key phrase to designate relevance to those who are searching for similar services. But most of the time, the marketers use or write something that is clever and vague instead of the normal and clear ones. But all have to remember that clear is better than clever for it is much more talking or emphasizes clearer info than something clever. With the clever and fancy style of writing the headline of the web page, it is better to have a clear descriptive headline. 

Placement of the call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are one of the most important factors that a homepage must displays. The audience has commonly seen these on the top part of the homepage. Usually, they are placed there for the visitor to easily see the options that the company offer or more about them and their services. But what a better place for it is to be on the farther down the page, as the visitor is scrolling and reading scanning the web, there is some call to action to be seen and remember that there might be settled strong persuasion happens farther down the page. Visitors cannot be easily agreed with what are the things they can see from the top view of the web page so as they go below the fold, and this is where most website and audience engagement happens. The marketer has to make sure to put the call to action farther down the page in any place where the interest is more likely to be found and higher rather than being on the top.

And lastly, the website content has to be informative and will be ready to be worthwhile for everybody. The better web design makes it all page that answers all the visitors’ questions. More pixels mean more area to answer inquiries, address questions and add supportive evidence. If the visitor doesn’t find an explanation to an important question, they can simply keep moving down the page. Once they are satisfied, they’ll simply stop reading. And in marketing, through the use of the website, the most efficient sales pages strive for sales conversion. As a marketer, you are not allowed or it is not right to cut someone off during sales meetings and stop answering the client’s questions, so with the web design answering all the questions, be glad at it. The sign of better conversation with the client is the more they are engaged to be the consumer and more to have conversion.