August 8, 2022

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Distributing Marketing-Qualified Leads to Your Sales Force or Channel Partners

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6. Distributing marketing-qualified leads lead comes in; forward to the field. Simple, right?

Distributing marketing-qualified leads did you send the lead to the correct territory or sales rep? What information have you given them to provide context? How will information about the lead be updated? How will you track the effectiveness of follow-up?

Even organizations with fairly homogeneous direct sales organizations and robust CRM systems seem to have trouble when it comes to effective lead distribution. Overlay the use of independent reps and / or distributors, and the complexities multiply. Regardless of the technology platform you use, distribution rules and processes should incorporate the following:

  • Rep assignment based on geography, industry sector, account or other documented business rules
  • A method of communication that allows for portability, easy access and updating
  • The ability to quickly reassign the lead, if necessary
  • Parameters for turnaround — ideally real time, but no more than two days

Also include as much detail as possible about the lead, including:

  • All contact information, such as phone, email address and website
  • Which marketing initiative they responded to
  • Which fulfillment they received and when
  • What qualifying information they provided
  • Other qualitative notes available from phone qualification
  • If there was a previous response, how that response was resolved

Complete and accurate information will allow the sales person to spend less time researching or going down unproductive paths, and more time addressing customer needs.

The early bird gets the worm

There are countless studies on the importance of fast and professional follow-up of qualified sales leads. This is particularly true today, in this era of instant information and anytime / anywhere communications.

The benefits of fast follow-up include the ability to set the tone for all other callers that come after you, and creating an overall impression that your company has its act together.

Follow up fast on initial response, follow up fast when moving to sales-ready, and follow up fast once in the field. Your close rates will go up

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