August 8, 2022

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Chocolate Cruise Italy Eurochocolate Costa Cruises

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Chocolate Cruise Italy Eurochocolate Costa Cruises

Okay, most of us love chocolate, but do you love it enough to go on an entire chocolate-themed cruise? If you do, your ship leaves April 16, 2020. All aboard!

Eurochocolate, which calls itself the world’s largest international chocolate festival, is teaming up with Costa Cruises for an eight-day chocolate cruise of Italy, according to Food and Wine. The cruise ship, which has 3,780-guest capacity, will set sail from the town of Civitavecchia, then stop in Genoa, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, and Catania.

Each of these stops will have chocolate-themed attractions, including the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona. Guests will also have a chance to attend chocolate masterclasses and workshops by master chocolatiers, as well as tastings, of course.

The chocolate experience begins immediately with a welcome kit of “delicious gifts and chocolate-themed gadgets,” says Costa, according to Food and Wine. Prepare for a chocolate sculpture on board and plenty of chocolate offerings on the menu.

“We try to offer unique experiences to our guests […] and this is possible also thanks to prestigious partnerships like the one with Eurochocolate,” Carlo Schiavon, Costa Cruises’ Italy country manager, told Lonely Planet. “[It] will allow us to have for the first time aboard a cruise ship the vibe, the fun and the tastes of the greatest international festival dedicated to chocolate.”

Those of us who can’t make it on the cruise will be dreaming of a week-long chocolate excursion while making do with homemade chocolate cookies.

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