Car Brakes when we ideally replace the car brakes

Car Brakes because the brake lining component is directly related to driving safety. As usage continues, brake performance will decrease.

Power to stop the wheels reduced. For this reason, improvements need to be made so that the condition of these components still work optimally.

Taqwa Suryo Swasono,

a senior mechanic and racing car expert from the Garden Speed ​​workshop, said that the true braking of a vehicle, especially a car, can last for thousands of kilometers. Except for the fast-moving components such as brake lining.

“Brake pistons, ABS, hoses, it can last a long time.

But, brake lining and car brakes fluid need to be considered because the replacement time is relatively faster. If it is late, it will have an impact on other brake components, which are very expensive,” said Taqwa in Tangerang some time ago. Also read:

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Brake Blong Based on manufacturer’s recommendations, the average brake lining can only travel up to 35,000 to 40,000 kilometers. For manual vehicles, in this case, a car, the usage age is longer up to 70,000 kilometers. “Seen also, if the position of the brake lining already squeezed the disc means the brakes are worn, already thin. So, often, the sound will arise from the discs. agen tour di malang If left unchecked, the brakes will not be able to function optimally to do its job,” said Taqwa. “Furthermore, discs and other parts can be damaged,” he said again. So, don’t be late to replace the brake lining. “The good, when changing the brake lining, also replace the brake fluid. Simultaneously, so that adds to the safety and comfort of driving,” said Taqwa. Read Next