Are Viking Tattoos a Trend in Today’s Society?

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Vikings are more than just barbarians and plunderers. They were complex people; they believed in destiny, as well as the balance of the universe, very skilled seafarers, keen travelers, and farmers. Their beliefs and lifestyle have served as an inspiration for films, literature, and tattoos. Although there has been little historical evidence to confirm that they were heavily tattooed, today’s society widely accepts the belief that they were. 

Their infamous and celebrated reputation is associated with fearlessness, bravery, and strength. Their symbols are beautiful and meaningful, making them a remarkable tattoo design. For individuals with Scandinavian ancestry, it is a way to honor their rich heritage. For some, it is a celebration of Scandinavian values. It is also a thought-provoking tattoo design inspired by mythology, beliefs, and destiny. 

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Vikings: Who are they?

This group of people is remembered for being brutal and fearless warriors whose skills and bravery on the battlefield have earned notoriety and respect. They are usually connected with power and strength, and their beliefs and lives have inspired a lot of films, body arts, and pieces of art. They originated in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. They lived during the 8th and 11th centuries or also known as the Viking Age. They usually traveled across Europe, conquering and raiding new lands.

Viking tattoos history

Although there is little historical evidence that exists today to confirm that they were heavily tattooed. What people know today comes from Arabic scholars describing them as Norsemen. These ancient raiders and warriors were very formidable. 

Their infamous reputation has become a symbol of strength, courage, and fearlessness. It is why individuals continued to get inspired by their art and decided to get inked with beautiful and meaningful Viking art. Tattoo designs would have been of symbols, animals, and patterns and would have been very important to the wearer. Their body art was a way to express themselves, honor the gods, and instill fear.

Viking tattoo designs


Body art is a way to organize a social hierarchy. It is a means of personal identification and expression. It also had the ability to instill real fear in other people. A lot of individuals are drawn to traditional Viking designs to honor the infamous warriors and raiders of the ancient world. If people choose this approach, they will most likely pick something detailed and large. It can be a couple of images that tell a story. It can be a series of very intricate symbols and patterns. Warriors were known to cover their bodies with body art; that is why choosing a large enough location to allow details is crucial.

Valknut design

While a lot of these symbols involve complicated designs, some are pretty simple, like Valknuts. It comprises nine points of interlocking triangles, which represent life after death or the afterlife. People may choose this design because they want to show that they are not afraid of death. They contemplate the balance between life on earth and the afterlife, as well as morality. 

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It can also be used as a protective symbol. Getting a Valknut design is a good choice for individuals who want a more minimalist approach to tattoo, and it is an excellent first or tenth piece design. Not only that, but it can be tattooed anywhere on the body, from the wrist to the chest, because it’s not a design that needs a lot of space for details.

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Aegishjalmur or Helm of Awe

This design is considered one of the most popular designs for Viking-inspired tattoos. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also vibrant when it comes to symbolism. This thing is a magical staves that a lot of warriors wear as a symbol or protection. 

They also believe that this stave will give them courage and strength, as well as helping them achieve victory on the battlefield. It can be tattooed between a person’s eyebrows or somewhere visible, although individuals don’t have to choose somewhat daring locations. This impressive piece is also a good conversation starter, so pick the placement wisely, as well as wearing it with tons of pride.

Thor’s hammer

This design is also known as Mjölnir. It is associated with lightning, thunder, and power. It is believed that the god of thunder and lightning, Thor, was using Mjölnir to defeat his enemies. Deciding to get this pattern will represent bravery, strength, and courage. Thor was the protector of Asgard; that is why it can also be worn as a symbol of protection. It is an excellent choice for individuals who value the qualities mentioned earlier or want everyone to know that they will protect everything or everyone they care about by hook or by crook.

Web of Wyrd

The best thing about getting Viking tattoos style is that these things are so unique and interesting. Every piece is intricate and intriguing to look at. These things are pretty rich in symbolism. The Web of Wyrd piece is an interwoven line that depicts the past, present, and future. 

It is a connection of the people’s fate, as well as how every decision they make can have a direct influence on the outcome of their lives. Vikings believed that they were bound to predetermined destinies. These destinies may be the reasons why they lived like there is no tomorrow. 

It serves as a reminder for the wearer to live well, choose their decisions wisely, and live their lives with no regrets. It can be a way to let go of things that hold them back. The simplicity of Web of Wyrd makes it an excellent choice if individuals want a smaller design; it can be tattooed anywhere.

Troll cross

During their era, Vikings believed that elves and trolls existed. There is a powerful symbol called the troll cross, which is worn as an amulet to help protect the wearer from any types of dangers, as well as keep them safe from trolls and elves. It is a cross with a round top and two bottom pieces crossing over. Troll cross tattoos can be a way to ward off bad vibes and negative energy. It can also be a reminder for wearers to avoid things and individuals that will do them harm.