7 Most Common Car Transmission Problems in New Orleans

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Paying attention to car transmission problems in New Orleans will save you from possible engine failure and costly repairs or irreparable issues with your car.  When you know how to spot symptoms of a possible car transmission failure, you will be able to avoid a major repair that could break your bank.

What should you pay attention to save you from unnecessary and unexpected repairs to your car transmission?  Consider the 7 most common car transmission problems in New Orleans.

What Are the Symptoms of a Failing Transmission in New Orleans?

  1. Grinding or Shaking Sensation in Gear

The normal feel of a transmission that is working in top shape is smooth.  When you feel a grinding, slipping, or shaking sensation when you switch gears, you should be careful and check what could be going wrong.

When you ignore these symptoms, things might get worse.  Damaged gears can cause accidents and unwanted problems that can be more costly when they cause bigger problems.  Bring your vehicle to a care automotive center in New Orleans to have it checked by a qualified automatic transmission specialist.

  1.  Vehicle Won’t Respond or Engage When in Gear

Shifting gears when driving should be quick and smooth.  A car that will not respond to a change in gear has a problem with its transmission.  There is definitely something wrong when your car hesitates or refuses to go where you expect it to.

An automatic transmission should be able to respond smoothly to a shift from one gear to the next.  You will need a trip to the mechanic when you notice that the engine tends to rev high through shifting gears.

  1. Unnecessary Noises: Whining, Humming, Clunking, in Neutral

When you hear noises that are not normally present when you shift gears, it is a sign that there is a problem with your car’s transmission.  There can be different sounds made when there are issues with the transmission and the sound will vary between car models.

The most common unusual sounds can be humming, buzzing, or whining.  Manual transmission can cause louder and abrupt sounds like clunking.  The key to saving from a much more costly repair is to get the unusual sound from your car diagnosed and repaired.

  1.  Leaks or Lack of Transmission Fluid

The usual sign that your transmission fluid is leaking is patches of reddish fluid underneath your car when you are parked.  Leaks need to be addressed and sealed right away.  

Prevent transmission breakdown by making sure that the leak gets repaired as soon as possible.  Remember that the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) of your car is the lifeblood of your transmission.  It acts as the hydraulic fluid that ensures that your transmission is properly lubricated.

When there is not enough transmission fluid because it is leaking, there is a greater probability that your engine will eventually stop working completely.

  1.  Transmission Slips

Be aware when your car transmission slips out of gear.  When you notice that your gear slips back to neutral when you shift gears, check and get the problem resolved right away because this is considered a very dangerous transmission problem.  

The most common reason for this problem is that the link that holds the gears is broken or worn out.  It’s best to call a transmission specialist when you encounter this problem.

  1.  Burning Smell

Be concerned when there is a burning smell that may come from the transmission. This can be caused by overheated fluid.  When this happens, you should be able to have the problem fixed so that you can replenish lost transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid plays a major role in protecting your transmission and maintaining good lubrication when shifting gears.  So when there is a burning smell, have your car transmission checked right away.

  1.  Engine Light is On

Whenever you see the engine light on, it is a sign that there is a current or upcoming problem in your car.  Do not ignore this sign.  Your car transmission sensors can detect anything unusual that is happening and passes on the signal to your car’s computer.

What Happens When Your Car Has Transmission Problems?

A lot can happen when the car transmission starts to fail.  You can experience vibrations, and hear unusual sounds, slippage, and different shift patterns.  When the transmission dies, the gear shift on your car will eventually stop.

When you experience problems with your car transmission in New Orleans, make sure that you address the problem as soon as possible and contact the nearest car transmission specialist.