6 Anti-Fog Mask Hacks for Navigating the Pandemic Clearly

I’ve tried to align my going-out days with my wearing-contacts days. Otherwise I’d be walking into traffic on the way to get coffee. Glasses and a pandemic do not mix well, which is why finding an anti-fog mask or solution is a must for near- or far-sighted folks.

In fact, according to Kim Nemser, chief merchandising officer at Warby Parker, the most frequently asked questions the brand has received over the past few months center around how to prevent your frames from fogging while wearing a face mask. It’s why they recommend using Clean My Lenses Kit with Anti-Fog Spray ($15) to help with dirty and foggy lenses.

“The formula helps keep eyeglasses and sunglasses clean, and comes packaged in a microfiber lens case with a microfiber lens cloth, both of which can be used to clean your frames,” says Nemser. But if you’re not in the space to clean your glasses every five seconds, there’s another way to handle: invest in a face mask with a strong or pronounced nose bridge. “A preventative measure you can take to keep your glasses fog-free is to mold the nose piece tightly to the bridge of your nose and make sure your mask fits flush against your face,” she adds.

Hey, sounds fair to me. So if you haven’t found the nose-bridge-strong face mask of your dreams, we have a few different routes you can go.

Anti-fog mask hacks to help you clearly navigate the pandemic

1. Cotton Anti-Fog Reusable Protective Face Mask, $12

These come in so many charming prints, from leopard to floral. They also have an intentional construction that allows the fabric to rest comfortably on your nose, and out of the way. “My work safety glasses were steaming up so wanted to find a mask that didn’t mist them up,” says a satisfied customer. “I’ve tried a few and finally found this one. It’s spot on good fit, easy to breath through, comfortable, doesn’t mist up the safety glasses!”

Shop now: Cotton Anti-Fog Reusable Protective Face Mask, $12

2. Graf Lantz Regular Zenbu Organic Cotton Face Mask – Ear Band, $22

This comes in both regular and petite size; I assume “petite” might be for children, but as someone with an abnormally tiny head, it’s very much appreciated. The organic cotton comes in several beautiful colorways (the mulberry! be still my heart!) and there’s also a feel-good component to this one: with every mask sold, Graf Lantz donates 10 meals to Feeding America, supporting national food banks.

Shop now: Graf Lantz Regular Zenbu Organic Cotton Face Mask – Ear Band, $22

3. Clear Face Mask The Reveal Quality Mask for Lip Reading, $13

This clear mask isn’t just good for accommodating a statement lip (ugh, RIP MAC’s Russian Red, how my life has been dull without you). It allows people who are hard to hearing to lip read, with complete transparency of the mouth area. And oh yeah, it has a hardcore nose bridge to boot.

Shop now: Clear Face Mask The Reveal Quality Mask for Lip Reading, $13

4. Face Mask for Glasses Wearers, $15

Specifically made for glasses-wearers, baby! The adjustable metal wire nose is extra sturdy so you can form to the contours of your face. Bespectacled folks are raving about how they can finally see clearly now, so get yourself a handful to get through those steamy days.

Shop now: Face Mask for Glasses Wearers, $15

5. MP mypole Anti Fog Nose Bridge Strip, $12

If you desperately love your go-to mask and just want to make it a little less, mmm, problematic, grab yourself a nose bridge. This will help pinch your fashion mask so you don’t walk around with blurry goggles all day, because let’s face it, that really ruins your whole #aesthetic.

Shop Now: MP mypole Anti Fog Nose Bridge Strip, $12

6. Easy View Nano Anti Fog Cloth, $13

Just need a quick solve for when you’re navigating the outside world and your vision suddenly gets blocked out. Wax on, wax off, you’ll make it to your destination safely.

Shop now: Easy View Nano Anti-Fog Cloth, $13

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