5 easy soup recipes for cozy, quick meals

A lot of easy soup recipes call for more ingredients than you have in your fridge, pantry, and cabinets combined. Okay, so that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it’s true they’re often more complicated than they claim to be. When you want to cozy up with a hot steaming bowl without all the drama of dicing and simmering, you need “busy day soups.”

According to Pinterest’s top November trends report, the search for ‘busy day soups’ is up 3,200 percent year over year. Clearly, everyone’s looking for streaming stews that don’t require sweating over the stove—so let’s give the people what they want.

5 easy soup recipes for days when you’re busy, busy, busy


This recipe has five ingredients and—rejoice!—one of them is just water. Since the soup calls for mixed frozen veggies, you can go for whatever varieties you love the most.


For a vegetarian and dairy-free option, lentil just can’t be beat. The legume is full of protein and fiber to keep you satiated and filled with energy for the rest of the day. Even if you’re just lazing about the house, it’s nice to feel a little fired up.

trader joe's salsa
Photo: The Minimalist Baker

3. Salsa soup

This recipe is an absolute treasure—and it starts with just a jar of Trader Joe’s salsa. To give it a more creamy consistency, you can run it through a food processor to enjoy the smoky fall flavors.

Here’s how a dietitian shops at Trader Joe’s:

4. Crock pot chicken noodle soup

With just a mirepoix, a chicken breast, noodles, broth, and spices, you can have a bowl of classic chicken noodle ready in time for dinner.


Even though tomato soup seems simple, its recipe usually calls for more complexity than seems just. Not this recipe! Using just one pan, you can make a whole batch for all the grilled cheese dipping your heart desires.

The act of baking bread can be seriously meditative—even with a simple recipe. 

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