Understanding Home Healthy and beautiful in the family

Understanding Home Homes. The house functionsas. A place to live and is used to protect against climate disturbances and other living things. The house is also a gathering place for family members to spend most of their time.

Understanding Home


A healthy home is one of the means to achieve the optimum degree of health. To get a heal house is determined by the availability of housing sanitation facilities. Home sanitation is a public health effort that focuses on monitoring the physical structure where people use it for shelter which affects the degree of human health.

The house is also one of the residential buildings that must meet the criteria of comfort, safety and health in order to support its residents to work productively.
Healthy House is also a means or place of shelter and shelter as well as a place to rest so as to grow a perfect life both physically, spiritually and socially culture
As quoted from the Technical Guidelines for Healthy Home Assessment, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, 2007.

Can Meet psychological needs, including adequate privacy. Healthy communication between family members and residents of the house, the existence of a special room for rest (bedroom), for each resident.
Can meet the requirements of prevention of transmission of disease between house occupants by providing clean water.

Management of feces and household waste, free of disease vectors and mice, density of housing that is not excessive.

Sufficient morning sunlight.

Protection of food and beverages from pollution, in addition to lighting and adequate air enough;
Meet the physiological needs including lighting, adequate air and space, avoiding disturbing noise;
Meet the accident prevention requirements both arising from external and internal influences, including the requirements of road border lines.

House building construction,

fire hazards and accidents inside the house; a heal home must be able to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents such as falls, poisoning and fire