Do You Need ID Management Technology?

Ask most people what identity management is, and they’ll likely say “password management” – but that’s just a fraction of what identity management can do. Robust identity management is built to give consumers an unparalleled experience, helping you take your enterprise to the next level.

Why is identity management essential for digital success?

In our far-reaching digital world, the number of devices, logins and channels that customers use is proliferating. As a result, customers often create widely disparate digital identities. This supplies more data to the companies they patronize. In return for sharing their data, customers expect personalized, high-quality

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Fairmarkit raises $11 million to automate procurement with machine learning

Tail spend — the purchases enterprises make outside their large, ongoing expenses — is a tricky business. While direct spend is usually well managed, that’s rarely true of indirect spend, despite the fact that an estimated 40% of U.S. businesses devote 40% of procurement to it. In fact, a recent survey from Deloitte found that 65% of companies have limited or no visibility beyond tier 1 suppliers.

That’s where Boston, Massachusetts-based Fairmarkit comes in. The startup, which offers a suite of tools for optimizing enterprise tail spend end to end, today announced that it has secured $11 million in a

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Black Desert Mobile hands-on preview — one of the prettiest fantasy MMOs on mobile

South Korean game publisher Pearl Abyss is soft launching its highly anticipated Black Desert Mobile on the Google Play Store. I’ve had a look via a preview, and it is one of the prettiest games on smartphones. The game soft launches on October 24 on Android on Canada, Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland and Australia.

The mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game is free-to-play. This fantasy game that matches most of the features of the heavy-duty 3D graphics title on the PC, which has has generated more than $1 billion in revenues since 2015.

I played some of the

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Free 3D Webinar: Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper

This webinar is the second organized in collaboration with Novedge, the leading online software store for design professionals, and follows our first webinar Introduction to Grasshopper for Designers, held in December 2018, and Designing 3D Patterns with Rhino and Grasshopper, published back in March.

This new Rhino/Grasshopper webinar, titled “Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper, will be held this Wednesday, October 23rd at 11:00 PDT.


The webinar is free, and those who are interested in participating can register at




Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino

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New Land Rover Defender: Design Sketches and Process

New Land Rover Defender: the design

Presented at the last Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Defender reinterprets the iconic model with a modern design while maintaining the all-terrain capability and the tough, practical character.

Audi RS 7 Sportback

Audi RS 7 Sportback

Based on the A7 Sportback presented in 2017, the RS 7 presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show features a 560hp 4 liter V8 engine and a number of sporty design elements.

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Škoda previews new Octavia with design sketches

Skoda New Octavia Design Sketch Render

The design sketches show the Octavia’s flowing silhouette characterized by the coupé-like roofline. Among the distinctive elements are the new front section, large wheels and tail lights with crystalline elements.

Skoda New Octavia Design Sketch Render

The Octavia is Škoda’s best selling model. Originally launched more than sixty years ago, it has sold more than 6.5 million units to date.

2013 Skoda Octavia

Above: the 2013 Škoda Octavia

(Source: Škoda)

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Car Brakes when we ideally replace the car brakes

Car Brakes because the brake lining component is directly related to driving safety. As usage continues, brake performance will decrease.

Car Brake

Power to stop the wheels reduced. For this reason, improvements need to be made so that the condition of these components still work optimally.

Taqwa Suryo Swasono,

a senior mechanic and racing car expert from the Garden Speed ​​workshop, said that the true braking of a vehicle, especially a car, can last for thousands of kilometers. Except for the fast-moving components such as brake lining.

“Brake pistons, ABS, hoses, it can last a long time.

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Understanding Home Healthy and beautiful in the family

Understanding Home Homes. The house functionsas. A place to live and is used to protect against climate disturbances and other living things. The house is also a gathering place for family members to spend most of their time.

Understanding Home


A healthy home is one of the means to achieve the optimum degree of health. To get a heal house is determined by the availability of housing sanitation facilities. Home sanitation is a public health effort that focuses on monitoring the physical structure where people use it for shelter which affects the degree of human health.

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Network Technology from Generation to Generation

Network Technology Like humans, cell phone service networks exist in the form of generations. Each generation of technology will be the primary basis of service.

Network Technology

Lopa J. Vora wrote in his article titled ‘Evolution of Mobile Generation Technology: 1G to 5G and Review of Upcoming Wireless Technology 5G’ that ‘generation’ refers to the system, speed, technology, frequency, data capacity, latency, and so on in a network.

Each generation of technology has different standards, capabilities, techniques, and features.

We all know the 4G network.

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Start Your Own Business

What is the most serious challenge in starting your own business? Not no capital, not no new ideas. The most difficult thing is maintaining endurance in doing business, staying in business despite facing many challenges. How do you start your own business so you don’t give up easily?

Start Your Own Business


Opening your own business takes time, it can’t be instant. There is a process that must be passed. Starting from thinking about initial ideas, opening, introducing and promoting the business. In this process, there are many challenges and obstacles. Both from internal business people themselves and those who come … Read More