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Fulfilling Leads Appropriately Fulfillment Refers.

4. Fulfilling leads appropriately to the methodology and process

Fulfilling leads appropriately over the years, the fulfillment process has evolved from one-size-fits-all postal delivery (of, say, a catalog or capabilities brochure) to customized postal and e-fulfillment based on area and level of interest, media source, quality scoring and the like.

The purpose of your fulfillment efforts should be to:

  • Quickly acknowledge the prospect’s response.
  • Take the prospect deeper into the interest / buying cycle, providing more detailed information on products or services of interest, including product information, data sheets and links to interactive sales or product demos.
  • Establish credibility for your organization through higher-level brand positioning.
  • Provide another opportunity for the prospect to self-qualify as sales-ready.
  • Identify the specific individual or organization responsible for sales follow-up.

The case for snail mail

While the world continues to move towards online communication, we believe that there is real value to using both e-fulfillment and sending printed material to prospects that best meet your requirements

  • Hard-copy materials serve as a more tangible and constant reminder than electronic files.
  • Many of your competitors may stop sending traditional mail, so your material will function
  • Personalized postal fulfillment protects against spam filters and / or simple email fatigue.

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