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Sony begins courting indie devs again as PlayStation 5 approaches

Sony Interactive Entertainment appointed a new head of its PlayStation Worldwide Studios today. Of course, that’s Sony veteran Shuhei Yoshida’s old job. But while Yoshida vacated that position in 2016, he’s still at the company. And now, he has a new responsibility as the head of an initiative to support independent developers on PlayStation platforms.

“I am thrilled to announce Shu Yoshida as head of this new initiative,” SIE president and chief executive Jim Ryan said in a statement. “Everybody knows just how passionate Shu is about independent games – they are the lifeblood of the industry,

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The DeanBeat: Death Stranding and the madness or genius of Hideo Kojima

Very soon, starting on November 8, we’re going to find out one of the answers to one of the great mysteries of the video game industry. And that is whether Hideo Kojima, the head of Kojima Productions and the creator of Death Stranding for Sony’s PlayStation, is a genius creator or a bit kooky. And we’ll also see whether Sony is sane or mad at the same time.

Kojima parted ways with longtime publisher Konami in 2015, after he completed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. At The Game Awards in December 2015, host Geoff Keighley skewered Konami for

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