Evercoin launches next version of mobile cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Evercoin has announced Evercoin 2, the company’s next-generation mobile hardware wallet. It’s part of an effort to make cryptocurrency more accessible and secure for the masses.

A hardware wallet is a way of storing a cryptocurrency owner’s private keys in a secure hardware device. Evercoin 2 provides mobile users the first end-to-end ownership solution for cryptocurrencies, featuring a hardware wallet the size of a house key powered by the security technology of partner Yubico.

If you lose something, like a private key or password, Evercoin 2 can help you recover it without exposing you to hackers, who have stolen cryptocurrency

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Flavourworks raises $3.8 million to make interactive games with live-action video

Flavourworks has raised $3.8 million in funding for its interactive movie games that fuse together live-action video with interactive gameplay.

Flavourworks has created a “touch video” technology that fuses interactive gameplay with live-action videos. The game has full-motion video, complete with actors and real-world environments. They act out a story, but you can play the story as if it were a game. You can make key decisions and even touch the screen to wipe away a tear from a character’s eye.

It’s an increasingly popular genre (think Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch blend of movie and game) in which the audience

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Lenovo pilots VR as an alternative to general anesthesia for kids

Whether you’re an adult or a child, medical procedures can be intimidating or uncomfortable enough to cause panic — one reason patients might need to be knocked out with general anesthesia. But Lenovo and the Starlight Children’s Foundation have been pilot testing virtual reality headsets as an alternative to general anesthetics for kids, alleviating panic and pain by distracting critically ill pediatric patients from what’s actually happening around them.

Starlight’s pilot has been underway at hospitals for the last year, and just as doctors have found VR highly useful in medical training, practitioners have realized that the clinical potential

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Lawmakers call for pause on false micro-targeted political ads

(Reuters) — An international “grand committee” of lawmakers on Thursday called for a pause in online micro-targeted political ads with false or misleading information until the area is regulated.

The committee, formed to investigate disinformation, gathered in Dublin to hear evidence from Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet’s Google, and other experts about online harms, hate speech, and electoral interference. The meeting was attended by lawmakers from Australia, Finland, Estonia, Georgia, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S.

The committee’s inaugural session in London last November featured an empty chair for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after he declined to be questioned.


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Apple TV+ isn’t as bad as critics say — or worth a monthly fee

Ahead of the public release of the new Apple TV+ subscription video service, Apple seeded television show reviewers with early access to the lineup, including the ability to watch the first several episodes of adult and kids TV shows, plus the service’s first movie. For that effort, the company was rewarded with generally blistering critical reviews, offset only by limited praise for one of the shows and vague insider hints that the service would improve over time.

My personal view is that the early buzz on Apple TV+ was at least somewhat inaccurate, but not broadly unfair. If the

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Snapdocs raises $25 million to streamline mortgages with AI

Real estate tech company Snapdocs today revealed that it has raised $25 million in series B funding to further develop its products and platform. Coinciding with the news, the San Francisco-based company announced the opening of a new office in Denver, Colorado. Snapdocs said the new office would serve as a center for a “wide variety” of roles, with an emphasis on engineering and operations.

F-Prime Capital led this latest raise, with participation from Sequoia Capital. (Among previous backers are Y Combinator and SV Angel.) The series B brings Snapdocs’ total raised to around $45 million, following a $15 million

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Yandex is testing an autonomous delivery rover in Moscow

Yandex’s autonomous ambitions extend beyond the automotive domain. The Moscow-based company today announced that its self-driving division — responsible for developing, testing, and deploying its driverless vehicle fleet — is piloting a robot dubbed Yandex.Rover that can deliver small packages autonomously.

Yandex’s six-wheel rover, which is roughly the size of a small suitcase, taps some of the tech at the core of Yandex’s self-driving cars to travel safely “at the speed of a pedestrian.” It’s capable of navigating around obstacles in all weather conditions during daylight or darkness, but in the area where it’s currently deployed — the over 7,000-person

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Facebook: Our video selfie test is for spotting bots, doesn’t use facial recognition

Facebook is testing a new way to root out inauthentic behavior on mobile phones and confirm the identities of accounts suspected of being compromised. In a statement provided to VentureBeat, the company said this step — which instructs users to hold their phone at eye level, position their face within a circle on-screen, and slowly turn their head  — is used to determine that a “real person” is operating an account rather than a bot.

“This test is one of the steps we use,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “It does not use facial recognition. Instead, it detects motion and whether

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