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Here’s how the ingredients in your sleep supplements work

If you’re one of the 50 to 70 million Americans who has trouble sleeping at night (that’s 20 percent of the population, so the odds are pretty good), you know firsthand the effects of not getting enough shuteye—you know, like having no energy and becoming BFFs with all sources of caffeine.

But the side effect you might be overlooking is how your sleep schedule can have a direct impact on your skin (and not just because you’re usually too tired to wash your face before bed). Research has shown that even one night of poor sleep can cause increased wrinkles

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What new mom shoud know about exercising after a baby

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes (cue the resounding, no duh): Your center of gravity changes, your abdominal muscles stretch (and, in the case of a C-section, are cut and repaired), and your pelvic floor goes through nine months of pressure thanks to a baby sitting on top of them. Cue a little bit of pee dripping out when you do jumping jack, or not being able to contract your core into a crunch. These symptoms can make it a real challenge to go back to exercising after a baby (as if you don’t

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Destination events or ‘celecations’ are on the rise for 2020

Last month, I dreaded attending the big destination event that had been on my calendar for months. It was family wedding in Virginia with my parents and brother, and after a painful breakup, my plus-one had turned into a minus-one. While I got out of the weekend alive and well, I did still hope it would be the last ‘celecation’—or celebratory event requiring travel, and, thus, doubling as a vacation—for a while. Yet my 2020 calendar is already filled with destination events including a wedding in Wisconsin, a birthday in Michigan, a birthday in Mexico, and a wedding in New

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The best type of razor to look for to get a smooth shave

When you really think about it, taking a razor to your body seems like a dangerous thing to do. And yet we do it all of the time, sometimes even daily, without making a bloody mess (at least… not much of a bloody mess, usually). While the risks of shaving are relatively minor, like ingrown hairs, razor burn, or skin irritation, they’re still extremely annoying. The actual culprit isn’t the shaving cream you use or your  shaving skills, though, it’s your razor itself. And—I’m about to blow your mind herethe multi-blade one you’ve been relying on for all

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7 healthy Japanese foods centenarians eat every day

Healthy Japanese foods make it easy to create a vibrant plate that resembles a nutritional masterpiece. The residents of Okinawa, a Japanese prefecture comprising more than 150 islands in the East China Sea, enjoy the longest life expectancy in the world, according to Blue Zones. On the islands, with a population said to include the largest proportion of people over 100, women and men can expect to live 84 and 90 years, respectively.

It’s no secret that diet plays a major role in longevity. The healthy Japanese foods centenarians in Okinawa reach for each day include a variety of riches

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How this yogi + entrepreneur promotes inclusivity in wellness

Meet Wellness Collective, our immersive curriculum with Athleta that hooks you up with actionable advice from the smartest experts and brand founders in wellness right now. Get the goods at our monthly event series in New York City, plus our online one-month wellness plans. 

When you enter a yoga or meditation session, you’re generally focused on you and trying to ignite that inner balance through movement or intention-setting.

But for Nicole Cardoza, founder of Yoga Foster—a nonprofit that empowers school teachers with yoga resources for the classroom—she’s not on the mat for just a clear head or better balance. “My

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Testosterone in women is important and overlooked for health

Testosterone has long been stereotyped as the alpha male hormone. It was long thought (and still is, in some circles) as a key factor as to what makes a person a man versus a woman. But as our understanding of gender has evolved, so too has our knowledge about testosterone.

See, in reality, testosterone is one of the body’s main sex hormones—for everyone. And it can have major health implications (good and bad) for people who don’t identify as men. Here, leading hormone experts explain everything you need to know about testosterone, including the role it plays in women’s

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Make vegan bone broth in minutes with this easy recipe

Sip on this tea, er, broth to keep your digestive system running smoothly all party season long.

There are a lot of holiday foods that, while delicious, aren’t exactly a friend to the digestive system. (Looking at you, baked mac-and-cheese.) But if you’re looking for something super soothing to help you reset before or after the holidays, you might want to reach for one of the oldest gut-boosting remedies: broth.

“Broth started as a way for people to be able to use all parts of an animal,” holistic health coach, herbalist, and Supernatural founder Rachelle Robinett says in the

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How to have a threesome with your partner? Here are 8 tips

“It’s made us better communicators, lovers, and partners,” Liz* tells me. She’s not referencing a choice to try couples’ counseling or get a puppy together or another typical, mainstream marker of relationship-building and -boosting strategies. Rather, she’s talking about bringing a third person into bed.

While she’s always been interested in threesomes, Liz, a 24-year-old bisexual, cisgender woman, says she never knew how to broach the subject with past partners, so she would go about it in a joking way. But when she joked about it with her current partner, Tucker, a 32-year-old cisgender, heterosexual man, he didn’t laugh it

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Apple flour is the fiber-rich baking staple of the future

The wellness world is once again spinning the wheel on alternative flours. And guess what we’re grinding down this time? Okay, okay, I’ll tell you: dehydrated apples.

A November study published in the MDPI journal Foods looked into cookies fortified with apple pomace flour. Pomace is the byproduct of juicing made from pulp, seeds, seed cores, and stems. Usually, these leftovers get tossed, but apple flour transforms them into an alt-flour that has (wait for it) up to quadruple the amount of gut-healthy fiber as white all-purpose flour.

“Some brands of apple flour—although not all—offer more than four times the

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