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Why foods and supplements for lactation aren’t always the best solution for breastfeeding moms

If there is one thing that is (often unfairly) hammered upon new mothers, it’s the importance of breastfeeding. It’s also one of the most emotionally and physically demanding things you can ask of a new mother. You’re expected to be the sole source of nourishment for a tiny human! In an overwhelming time with so many unknowns, a mother’s milk supply is constantly on her mind. (I should know—I had a baby in March of 2019 and I am still obsessing about my milk.)

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Food and Beverage to Prevent Hypothermia

Food and beverage to prevent hypothermia the rainy season makes Jakarta flood. In an atmosphere like this, our bodies are vulnerable to cold. Well, if we are too cold for too long, the most dangerous risk is hypothermia.

Quoted Healthline, Hypothermia occurs when the heat produced by the body is not as much heat loss. Well, flood conditions make us have to be more vigilant about hypothermia. Because too long wearing wet clothes and too long in the water can also be a cause of hypothermia.

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Is Liquid Vape a Healthy Material

Is liquid vape a healthy being among the best friends in the massive smoker group is me. Being a person who is ignorant of inhaling cigarette smoke is just average. Do not want to interfere and make them like me, after all, already in understanding what is the cause and effect if you become a smoker. But once I suggested to a friend to switch to electric cigarettes. And he finally tried and succeeded in becoming a smoker who was slowly using this e-liquid.

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Safe Vape For The Health Of Our Organs

Safe vape for the health the use of vape does not pose a serious health risk compared to ordinary cigarettes, which are consumed by burning. This is based on the latest research from the University of Catania in Italy which states, the use of vape does not cause lung problems.

That is, vape is considered safe to use. Even consumers who use vape on a daily basis are also not affected by the health of their lungs. This finding was obtained from physiological, clinical, or inflammatory effects.

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The best hand and finger stretches for pain relief

In the age of technology, you’re texting, scrolling, tapping at your mouse or touch pad, and typing on your keyboard all day—contorting your hands into weird positions. Whether or not you’re feeling the pain now, it could lead to worse problems down the road without a few hand and finger stretches.

“Cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops… all of the many devices at our literal fingertips are definitely predisposing young people to an increased risk for overuse or ‘repetitive strain’ injuries and future arthritis,” says Danielle Weis, PT, physical therapist and orthopedic clinical specialist at Spring Forward Physical Therapy. “To name

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How to do a kettlebell swing, according to a trainer

Kettlebell swings are one of those fitness moves that may look easy, but doing them properly is actually anything but a piece of cake. Because of how simple they seem, the form is easy to mess up, and when you’re doing it wrong you’re not getting the most out of the move. So we tapped trainer Roxie Jones to show us how to do a kettlebell swing the right way.

According to Jones, there are a few things that pretty much everyone messes up when it comes to kettlebell swings that cause them to miss out on the move’s full-body

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Sex toy sales to snag for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As a bright-eyed, dollfaced child, I experienced no greater joy than waking up on Christmas morning, and finally being allowed to unwrap presents under the tree. As a grown woman, same vibe, especially if what I come to find is a literal vibe. No matter the holidays you celebrate, it’s always lovely to gift yourself an orgasm. With that in mind, it’s key to be aware of the best sex toy sales happening over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and/or those surrounding days when retailers seem to have a “f–k it” ethos of and slash their prices just because.


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Tips for avoiding traveler’s constipation from a dietitian

Holiday travel is stressful enough without having your G.I. tract turn against you (unless you want to hide out in the bathroom while visiting your relatives). But traveler’s constipation is real and can happen anytime you’re outside your normal routine. Time differences, not drinking enough water, and eating processed foods from an airport kiosk all mess with your digestion.

One step you can do to prevent traveler’s constipation, according to Seattle-based registered dietitian Ginger Hultin, RD is starting your day out with a few digestive keys that will work in your favor. While you can’t control what you will and

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Healthy Thanksgiving food tips from a registered dietitian| Well+Good

Check out the healthy Thanksgiving foods that this RD makes sure to prioritize on Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving is to food what the Super Bowl is to football: the biggest moment of the year. What other day is exclusively reserved for cooking and eating, no other activities required? Truly a special day on the calendar for any food lover, particularly if you’re a fan of pumpkin pie and stuffing.

In the latest episode of You Versus Good, registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD shares some helpful intel on how she builds her plate on Turkey Day to help balance

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Protein shake for breakfast: is it healthy? What experts say

Whether you’re on your way to a brain-boosting yoga class or don’t have time to make some healthy breakfast tacos, a protein shake for breakfast can be a convenient on-the-go option. After all, protein is a key nutrient to saying full after a meal. But given that it’s so easy and portable…there has to be some kind of catch, right? How healthy is it?

“Protein shakes can be healthy at any time of day,” says Sonya Angelone, RDN and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Protein gets the digestive juices or proteases started in the stomach,” she says,

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