Google launches Skaffold in general availability

In a recent survey of over 5,000 enterprise companies, 58% responded that they were using Kubernetes — the open source container-orchestration system for automating app deployment, scaling, and management — in production, while 42% said they were evaluating it for future use. The momentum was a motivating force behind Google’s Skaffold, a command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes-native apps. It launched in preview and subsequently in beta in products on Google Cloud Platform in 2017, and as of today it’s generally available for eligible customers.

“[We] noticed that developers creating Kubernetes-native applications spent a long time building

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Uber may have to pay Waymo over autonomous driving tech

(Reuters) — Uber said it “will likely” have to strike a licensing deal with Waymo or opt for costly changes to its autonomous driving software, after an expert found the ride-hailing giant still used technology from the Alphabet unit.

While it was unclear by when the company needed to decide on its next move in the blockbuster trade secrets dispute, Uber, in a quarterly securities filing on Tuesday, said that a detour in its software development “could limit or delay our production of autonomous vehicle technologies.”

Uber has been racing to catch up to Waymo in the development

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Nest Mini vs Nest Wifi Point: What you need to know about the dedicated ML chip

At its annual hardware event last month, Google unveiled the Nest Mini as well as the Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point. The former went on sale for $49 on October 22 while the latter goes on sale today starting at $269 for a two-pack and $349 for a three-pack. Unlike their predecessors, Google Wifi and Google Home Mini respectively, these devices come with a dedicated machine learning (ML) chip.

For those who don’t care about the technical details, the equation is simple. If you need a Google Assistant speaker, get the Nest Mini. If you need a

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Huawei could get Android lifeline as U.S. mulls trade licenses

Huawei may have just gotten the first official sign that its global smartphone business could be rescued from its current quagmire.

The Chinese tech titan and its affiliates have since May been on a trade blacklist that prevents them doing business with U.S. companies, including Google, which is no longer able to provide Huawei devices with its own version of Android. But in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that as the U.S. approaches a “phase one” trade deal with China as early as this month, it could “very shortly” begin issuing licenses that

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Google to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion

The rumors were true — Google is acquiring fitness wearables company Fitbit in a deal worth $2.1 billion, a 30% premium on Fitbit’s current market cap.

Fitbit’s shares have tumbled since its 2015 IPO, going from a high of nearly $50 to a low of less than $3 this year. In the wake of reports this week that Alphabet was preparing a bid, Fitbit’s shares surged more than 40% to over $6. Google will pay $7.35 per share in an all-cash transaction that is expected to close in 2020, pending both shareholder and regulatory approval.

With Fitbit under its

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Watch Google’s AI teach a picker robot to assemble objects

Manipulating objects in a range of shapes isn’t machines’ forte, but it’s a useful skill for any robot tasked with navigating the physical world. To advance the state-of-the-art in this domain, researchers at Google, Stanford, and Columbia recently investigated a machine learning system dubbed Form2Fit, which aims to teach a picker robot with a suction arm the concept of assembling objects into kits.

“If robots could learn ‘how things fit together,’ then perhaps they could become more adaptable to new manipulation tasks involving objects they have never seen before, like reconnecting severed pipes, or building makeshift shelters by piecing

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Moovit taps Waze to bring carpooling to its urban transport app

Waze, the Google-owned GPS navigation app for drivers, is integrating its carpool service into Moovit, the first time Waze Carpool data has been available through any third-party transit app.

While Waze is better known for its flagship GPS app with real-time data provided by a global community of drivers, the company launched a dedicated carpool service in its native Israel way back in 2015 and in the intervening years has expanded it to Brazil, Mexico, and finally the U.S., where it launched last October.

Moovit, which claims around 500 million users globally, is best known for its consumer-facing

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Alphabet has made an offer to buy Fitbit

(Reuters) — Google owner Alphabet has made an offer to acquire U.S. wearable device maker Fitbit Inc, as it eyes a slice of the crowded market for fitness trackers and smartwatches, people familiar with the matter said on Monday.

While Google has joined other major technology companies such as Apple and Samsung in developing smart phones, it has yet to develop any wearable offerings.

There is no certainty that the negotiations between Google and Fitbit will lead to any deal, the sources said, asking not to be identified because the matter is confidential. The exact price that

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Pixelbook Go review: Faltering on Google Assistant and apps

It’s kind of incredible that a Google-made laptop runs a hobbled version of Google Assistant. We’re referring to the Pixelbook Go, which begins shipping on November 15 as a sibling to the original Pixelbook. It’s a performant and sleek machine with an exceptional keyboard and all-day battery life, but there’s little to recommend it on the software side.

A fettered Assistant

When Google Assistant came to Chrome OS alongside the circa-2017 Pixelbook, the assumption was that it would match or best the robustness of Assistant on smartphones, smart displays, and speakers. Nips and tucks continue to arrive two

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