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Master TAD presents Audi IN Concept at the Global Grad Show

The Master in Transportation & Automobile Design (TAD), promoted by the Politecnico di Milano University and managed by, participated for the second consecutive year to the Dubai Global Grad Show, an event dedicated to the most innovative projects developed by students from the main design schools worldwide, presenting the Audi IN Concept.

Created by a team of four students from the Master TAD – Edoardo Capi, Seyed Ruhollah Kashfi, Turgut Alkim Tutumlu, Daniel Cosmas Wamono Busima – the concept was on display from 12 to 16 November along with numerous international projects. This represented a significant opportunity for comparison

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Kia Futuron Concept – Car Body Design

With a design based around the notion of dynamic purity, the Futuron Concept combines balanced proportions with pure shapes and surfaces.

The Futuron name itself is a portmanteau of ‘future’ and ‘on’, hinting at the switched-on, electric nature of future SUV designs from the brand.

Kia Futuron Concept

From the official Press Release:

The Kia Futuron Concept is built around a single, strong ‘360-degree’ design notable for its pure, smooth form devoid of ornament. The delicate diffusion of the body’s surfaces creates a series of taut, flowing shapes which twist, expand and contract around the body. The result is a sleek and streamlined

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Free 3D Webinar: Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper

This webinar is the second organized in collaboration with Novedge, the leading online software store for design professionals, and follows our first webinar Introduction to Grasshopper for Designers, held in December 2018, and Designing 3D Patterns with Rhino and Grasshopper, published back in March.

This new Rhino/Grasshopper webinar, titled “Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper, will be held this Wednesday, October 23rd at 11:00 PDT.


The webinar is free, and those who are interested in participating can register at




Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino

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New Land Rover Defender: Design Sketches and Process

New Land Rover Defender: the design

Presented at the last Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Defender reinterprets the iconic model with a modern design while maintaining the all-terrain capability and the tough, practical character.

Audi RS 7 Sportback

Audi RS 7 Sportback

Based on the A7 Sportback presented in 2017, the RS 7 presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show features a 560hp 4 liter V8 engine and a number of sporty design elements.

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The design process at Jaguar

The official document, reported below, was released for the opening of the new Design Studio, which includes all the traditional capabilities (from Computer-Aided Surfacing to clay sculpting) as well as new Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and animation technology.

From the official Press Release:

The six stages of design at Jaguar

Across six-stages of the design journey the Exterior and Interior teams collaborate throughout a well-defined process that can move from inspirational first sketch to finished car in around four years.

From start to finish, each project is overseen by a programme management team that ensures integration with all business

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New Land Rover Defender: the design

While adopting an al-new, modern design language, the new Defender maintains the distinctive silhouette and proportions of the iconic original model, with minimal front and rear overhangs for optimum off-road capabilities, as well as the strong emphasis on horizontal lines.

Other trademark elements are the high sills and the externally mounted rear wheel.

Defender’s characterful front is defined as “tough but approachable”, and is characterized by the geometric forms of its technical headlamps which feature the latest adaptive technology, and by the sculptured fenders combined with squared wheel arches and strong shoulders which contribute to the vehicle’s sense of solidity

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