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Google launches Skaffold in general availability

In a recent survey of over 5,000 enterprise companies, 58% responded that they were using Kubernetes — the open source container-orchestration system for automating app deployment, scaling, and management — in production, while 42% said they were evaluating it for future use. The momentum was a motivating force behind Google’s Skaffold, a command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes-native apps. It launched in preview and subsequently in beta in products on Google Cloud Platform in 2017, and as of today it’s generally available for eligible customers.

“[We] noticed that developers creating Kubernetes-native applications spent a long time building

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Snapdocs raises $25 million to streamline mortgages with AI

Real estate tech company Snapdocs today revealed that it has raised $25 million in series B funding to further develop its products and platform. Coinciding with the news, the San Francisco-based company announced the opening of a new office in Denver, Colorado. Snapdocs said the new office would serve as a center for a “wide variety” of roles, with an emphasis on engineering and operations.

F-Prime Capital led this latest raise, with participation from Sequoia Capital. (Among previous backers are Y Combinator and SV Angel.) The series B brings Snapdocs’ total raised to around $45 million, following a $15 million

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Modzy is a marketplace for enterprise AI software and models

Companies are trying to find the most efficient ways to use machine learning models in their businesses. Modzy, a product of Booz Allen, is designed to make that process easier and safer for enterprises. Seth Clark, senior associate at Booz Allen, described Modzy in an interview with VentureBeat as a machine learning operationalization platform. More colloquially, it’s an online store where you can find and acquire AI tools.

“What we’re trying to do is help organizations get AI capabilities out of the lab, off of someone’s laptop, and into a production system,” said Clark. “And that’s something that designers

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AI Weekly: Samsung comes to terms with Bixby’s second-class status

Samsung’s Bixby assistant won’t be the reason you buy (or don’t buy) your next Samsung-manufactured smartphone, smart refrigerator, smart router, or smart speaker. And Samsung is finally coming to terms with that.

This was the implicit thread underlying the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), which kicked off in earnest on Tuesday at the San Jose Convention Center. Unlike last year, when Samsung announced new languages for Bixby (German, French, Italian, and Spanish), plus Bixby Marketplace for third-party voice apps, this year’s enhancements were on the whole understated.

Bixby Templates and Bixby Views make it easier for developers to create

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Air France and Oledcomm partner on first commercial flight with Li-Fi

The Li-Fi standard took a big step forward this week when Air France deployed the light-based wireless internet system on a commercial flight for the first time.

The demonstration was the result of a partnership announced earlier this year between the airline Latécoère Group, which makes airplane components, and Oledcomm, the Paris-based startup that has been commercializing the technology. Li-Fi, short for “light fidelity,” uses light to beam internet connections to devices, rather than relying on the radio waves that are the basis of Wi-Fi.

Oledcomm currently sells LifiMax, which has top speeds of 100 Mbps. But the company

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Apple reports record Q4 2019 revenue of $64 billion, aided by services

While Apple’s fiscal 2019 will be remembered as a year of ups and downs, growth of the company’s subscription services last quarter helped reverse serious holiday season and second quarter shortfalls. Today, Apple announced its fourth quarter 2019 results, top-lined by revenues of $64 billion, slightly higher than the year-ago quarter: Services revenue grew sharply, while earnings from both iPhones and Macs fell somewhat below last year’s levels.

In July, Apple told analysts to expect fourth quarter revenues in the $61 to $64 billion range, with a gross margin between 37.5% and 38.5%. Ahead of the announcement, analysts expected sales

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Particle raises $40 million for IoT device management and developer tools

San Francisco-based Particle, which develops what it claims is one of the world’s most popular internet of things (IoT) platforms, today announced that it’s raised $40 million in a series C funding round led by Qualcomm Ventures and Energy Impact Partners. The tranche, which saw participation from Root Ventures, Bonfire Ventures, Industry Ventures, Spark Capital, Green D Ventures, Counterpart Ventures, and SOSV and which follows on the heels of a $20 million series B round in July 2017, brings the company’s total capital haul to over $81.3 million.

The capital infusion comes after a year in which revenue grew

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Sana Benefits gets $6.3 million to disrupt ‘Stone Age’ health care insurance industry

Sana Benefits, an Austin company that wants to disrupt the health care insurance industry with more efficient software, said it has raised $6.3 million in seed funding.

The company joins a raft of upstarts remaking a notoriously inefficient health care system. These startups include players like Oscar Health, Clover, and Bright Health — all of which have raised hundreds of millions to billions of dollars over the last few years. Most of them have been focused on individuals and not as much on the employer plans that cover half of Americans.

Sana distinguishes itself in that it’s one

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks best with Nvidia RTX real-time ray tracing

If you’re playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it will look best on a gaming PC with Nvidia GeForce RTX hardware. I played the just-released first-person shooter on the PlayStation 4 and have also started playing it on a Falcon Northwest Talon gaming PC with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics card.

You have to install Nvidia’s latest drivers to make sure ray-tracing support is turned on. You can also use Nvidia’s Ansel tool to capture still images of the best scenes. You will also need the newest Windows 10 update.

That RTX hardware gives me real-time

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