Day: November 5, 2019

How Microsoft, Amazon, & Airbnb avoid product experimentation pitfalls (VB Live)

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Experimentation is an incredibly powerful technique — but there’s some common techniques developers make when they’re testing. Learn how to make the most of your A/B testing, choose the right metrics, avoid the biggest testing pitfalls and more when you join this VB Live event!

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Every year, Netflix runs hundreds of experiments; Excitable Airbnb runs over five hundred a month, and Jeff Bezos says that Amazon’s success comes from the number of tests his teams runs not just yearly or monthly, but daily. Having a culture of experimentation is a competitive differentiator.


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Facebook comparing Libra to the open internet rings hollow

“The question that has been motivating us is: Can we do for money what the internet has been doing for information?,” said Kevin Weil, co-creator of the Facebook-led digital currency Libra and VP of product for Facebook subsidiary Calibra. “The financial system feels a little bit similar to what the telco system did 25 to 30 years ago — it’s a relatively closed system, high barriers to entry, not a lot of competition, it’s tough to innovate, and it’s expensive for people.”

This has emerged as a core part of the prevailing Libra narrative, as Facebook looks to convince the

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Dazey LA Fashion Brand Colorful House Tour

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Name: Dani Nagel and Phillip Butler
Location: Beachwood Canyon—Hollywood, LA
Size: 2,000 square feet
Years lived in: 6 months, renting

Tucked in the narrow and winding streets of the Hollywood Hills is the historic Spanish style apartment Dani Nagel and her boyfriend Phillip Butler call home, or rather, call the Dazeywood Penthouse. Dazey LA (headquartered in their home) is the name of the clothing line pioneered by Dani, a playful brand with bold graphic tees on a mission to get people talking about

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How to do an L-sit exercise like a champ

Everyone likes a good challenge. That’s why we all love to hate exercises like burpees. You might not think of isometric exercises—that’s planks and wall sits—as on the same level as those high-energy HIIT exercises, but static holds mean business. And if you really want to take things up a notch on the burn scale, meet the L-sit exercise, a move that works your entire body without moving a muscle.

Now the L-sit isn’t exactly on the same level as the dragon flag… but it’s close. It involves holding your entire body weight in your hands as you lift yourself

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