Month: October 2019

Brawl is Magic: The Gathering — Arena’s best mode. Make it permanent

I’ve fallen hard for Magic: The Gathering — Arena. Before 2018, I’d never played Magic (as I’ve detailed before). But now it’s my favorite card game. I’ve spent hours brewing decks, learning the basics of drafting (and getting a few undefeated runs), and even getting into the paper game.

A few months ago, a friend of mine invited me to play Commander, a popular casual format in which you build a singleton deck (one without any duplicate cards, besides basic lands). I had a lot of fun. Highlander decks (that’s a fancier name for singleton) are some of my favorite

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Watch Google’s AI teach a picker robot to assemble objects

Manipulating objects in a range of shapes isn’t machines’ forte, but it’s a useful skill for any robot tasked with navigating the physical world. To advance the state-of-the-art in this domain, researchers at Google, Stanford, and Columbia recently investigated a machine learning system dubbed Form2Fit, which aims to teach a picker robot with a suction arm the concept of assembling objects into kits.

“If robots could learn ‘how things fit together,’ then perhaps they could become more adaptable to new manipulation tasks involving objects they have never seen before, like reconnecting severed pipes, or building makeshift shelters by piecing together

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What is Asset-based Lending and Is It Right for You?

Are you thinking of obtaining an asset-based loan for your business? Are you in the middle of working with your bank to move to their Asset-based lending group? Have you been wondering what asset-based lending is and how it can help your business? There’s plenty to unpack and understand about asset-based lending and this article is meant to provide valuable insight.

What is asset-based lending?

Let’s start with the basic logic behind asset-based lending. This is a practice that has been around for as long as lending has been an industry. It started with a simple advance of money based

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The RetroBeat: Don’t expect much at BlizzCon for World of Warcraft Classic

I’m in charge of reviews at GamesBeat, so this is a pretty busy time of the year for me with all of the holiday releases coming out. Still, I keep pouring hours into World of Warcraft Classic.

I’ve spent about 8 days of in-game time adventuring with my Dwarf Priest, and I’m still not at the max level of 60 (I’m level 54). It feels like I’ve played World of Warcraft Classic a ton, but I still have so much to do. Most of my friends have been level 60 for weeks and been engaging in endgame content, battling high-end

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Epic adds free Infinity Blade content to Unreal Engine Marketplace

Epic Games is passing on more of its art assets to the Unreal Engine development community. The company previously made content from Paragon free for developers. Now, it is going to continue that program with a year of asset drops. This includes art and more from the Epic’s classic iOS Infinity Blade adventures.

On the first Tuesday of every month beginning November 5, Epic will roll out these content packs into its Marketplace. This is in addition to five new packs of Infinity Blade assets that include over 1,000 pieces of content. The new Infinity Blade packs are available now

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How a narcissistic personality might help you manage stress

If there’s one word for someone who’s just The Worst, it has to be “narcissist.” The Mayo Clinic defines the personality disorder associated with narcissism as “a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.” While it’s true that this particular type of human doesn’t make for a great partner, friend, or boss, new research suggest that having just a hint of narcissism in your personality could be a strength—not a weakness.

In three independent studies of 700

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How to Reduce Friction on Your E-Commerce Website

If you want to increase conversions on your e-commerce site, you need to consider the user experience it provides to your visitors. It can be difficult enough to drive customers to the checkout page, and once they’re there, there are a whole other set of complications to consider that could prevent them from purchasing your products. 

Without a smooth UX, customers will encounter points of friction that prevent them from finalizing their purchases. On average, there’s a 68% shopping cart abandonment rate for e-commerce stores. Therefore, it’s essential to reduce friction to ensure your customers make it through the checkout

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4 easy hacks for achieving the most popular eyebrow shapes

Since there’s no such thing as an eyebrow positivity movement (yet), I feel I can be frank: I hate my brows. They’re thin yet wild with a sharp arch that makes me look severe. So, I hide them with longer-than-I’d-like fringe while crossing my fingers that I’ll soon win the lottery so I can afford microblading or a private island and a pool boy who loves me no matter how my facial hair is groomed.

It doesn’t have to be this way, brow experts tell me. While I can certainly work on acceptance, and hold onto fantasies of an impending

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Class of 2020: How Lora Appleton Is Reimagining the World of Children’s Design


Holiday Diaries: How a New Mom Is Making New Memories This Holiday Season

The holidays are about the inside jokes, traditions, and family celebrations that make this time of year so special. Think about seasonal decorating as setting the scene to make those memorable moments happen. That’s exactly what Leandra, an Apartment Therapy staffer, is thinking about during her daughter’s first holiday season.

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